A rainy day at home, and a six-month-evaluation

Well, our plans for the weekend changed because the air conditioner broke and I had to call air conditioning service in New Braunfels TX to get it fixed.  Bo decided to spend the night with a friend instead of going to the worldview conference, and Zach is still coughing his poor head off!  Baby is grumpy with his cold, too, so it’s probably best that I’ve ended up at home today.  It’s rainy and quite chilly out which is actually kindof nice (considering that this is JANUARY, after all!) so it’s a good day to get some work done around the house.  I’m really hoping to have no dizzy spells today so I can mop my floors, run a ton of laundry, and get some things organized!  We’ve been working on the littles’ bedrooms because the boys got a new HUGE dresser, which is glorious because their clothes have been all over the place; plus after discovering that I’d bought way too much for Christmas (surprise, surprise!) I finally went through and weeded out some of the girls’ toys!  Victoria is actually in need of some clothes, being the oldest girl and all, so that might be a fun trip for later today since we missed her date earlier this month.

I sat down to do the six-month-evaluation Sally Clarkson recommended last weekend and it was pretty enlightening.  I think I will plan to do it again in July because life definitely has its phases and I’m sure there will be new things to check on then.  Here are the things she suggested evaluating:

1) What am I doing that is causing stress in my family?

2) What am I doing to please others that doesn’t propel my own life plan for myself and my family?

3) What character issues do my children need to work on?

4) What image of God do I want my children to have?  Since they are deeply interrelated, what image of God am I projecting to my children?

5) What should I change?

Wow; good stuff, right?  I think I’ve determined that micro-planning my school calendar stresses my family (all right, mostly me, but still!)  Being unorganized and lazy stresses my family.  Talking too much about changes we should make/moving/switching jobs/churches stresses my family.  I don’t do much right now that is just for pleasing others, so that’s good!  In public, my kids are practically perfect, so I’ll keep that short list to myself.    I want my kids to know that God is all-powerful, all-knowing, patient, kind, longing to pour out lovingkindness on them, generous, and many other things.  My own lack of energy, impatience, confusion, and stinginess with my time and affection could warp their view of Him.  I must pray God will change those things in me, and recognizing them is the first step toward change!  Ahhh, the change word.  That’s something I’ll have to leave for another post, as spending too much time online stresses my family doing chores like fixing the heater and have to seek help from the professionals. When you are having trouble with your heater, go and look up the Controlling heating repair tempe az costs from a trusted company so that you can compare it to other heating services.     Happy weekend!

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2 Responses to A rainy day at home, and a six-month-evaluation

  1. bubbebobbie says:

    Blessed are the flexible for when schedules change and things do not get completed because life happens, they will bend and not break!

    Praying a Gumby styled weekend for you.

    Because of Jesus, bobbie

  2. SuzQ says:

    You can still get pregnant when nursing! Qsk me I have 6 !

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