Please pray–we need direction and provision here, quickly!

Okay, my son went to Teen Missions last summer.  It was a bittersweet experience, and he didn’t plan to go again this year. 


That is, until last night.  0


We called the ministry this morning and they said that since he has a visa which is good for 5 years, the only question marks are


a) whether or not they can get him a plane ticket


b) if we can raise the money for the trip–$3795 ish.


They spend 2 1/2 weeks in an intense preparatory boot camp, which starts TOMORROW/SATURDAY.  We have to bring the money with us (normally we wouldve started fundraising in January!!!).


We will also have lots of shopping and packing to do!


So please pray that the Lord opens doors!  They will call us this afternoon to let us know if the ticket is possible, and we’ll start asking for support for him as soon as that happens.  We need God to show off here!


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