Countdown to Brazil trip with Fundraiser “ticker”

Well, about ready to head out the door.  Bo has $615 left to raise (plus we have some funds we have to wait a smidge for) so we made it–there are a few people we’re still waiting on and we believe he’ll definitely be well provided for.  Thank you so much, to everyone who prayed or gave.  Now’s not the time to quit–now the work starts for him!  You can continue to give with the link below, too; their office is tracking it and we will arrive there in about 3 hours so there’s still time for the total to get in before he does!  I’ll update things later this afternoon.  THANK YOU!

**Thanks so much to those leaving messages and even giving online!  It’s wonderful!  The online donation button here isn’t linked to the counting "ticker" here, though–I have to update it myself.  TMI doesn’t have a way of notifying me about online contributions, either–they just keep track in their own financial system but I don’t receive any updates, so if you do give online, please shoot me an email or leave me a note about the amount here in the comments, if you’d be so kind!  Bless you, bless you, bless you–it’s so fun to see people give!**

I thought it would be fun to watch this today.  We’re expecting God to show off.  After all, most people would find it pretty impossible to come up with $4000 in 36 hours . . . and we’re no exception!  So we’re worshipping around here today, watching to see God do a miracle.  I’ll update this little ticker as the status changes!  It’s so fun–whether it’s $5 or $500, every bit adds up!  We need to have it all either in their office via online donations or in hand as cash when we go tomorrow morning (we’ll probably be leaving around 6:30 am!) so our deadline is really midnight tonight, I guess!

And just in case you want to get in on it . . .   Here’s a link to Teen Missions donation website page.
First you put in all your information, because of course it’s tax deductible and they’ll send you a year-end statement.  In the middle of the page there is a drop down box under the title "Categories and Funds."
Choose the option "Team Member" and then put Robert Krasawski III  in the comment box.
You then can choose Electronic check or Credit card.
Obviously, don’t click either of the options of "later date, or recurring transaction"–just leave those blank.
They’ll keep Bo updated with emails for his progress.  Please pray!!!  I’m in "lets just get this part done!" mode . . . there will be plenty of time for a mini-breakdown about my son being gone for the whole summer (AGAIN!) later on, I’m sure! 
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8 Responses to Countdown to Brazil trip with Fundraiser “ticker”

  1. bubbebobbie says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I added Bo's need to my Show and Tell. Praying every dollar comes with speed and that Bo's special blessings are few but fun!

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  2. Dan says:

    I just gave online – very easy!

  3. Dan says:

    I just gave online – very easy!

  4. Andrea Roberts says:

    Hi Misty! I donated $50 online this morning, but I think you have already accounted for that. Just wanted to be sure if not. It's awesome what God has done since this morning. We will continue to pray for the full amount. I also reposted the link to some friends in case they wanted to give as well!

  5. Gan says:

    Hey…I put $10 on his account. We may be able to do more after the 1st. Keep me posted!

  6. Misty B. says:

    Hey friend, I just sent $50.00 to Bo's account. I wish it could be more, but God is good and he will provide. :) Love ya'll.

  7. bubbebobbie says:

    God is so very awesome I love the runner moving so quickly across the ticker tape.

    I read this today and thought it Might be good for Bo to take with him or get in the mail.

    It is really awesome!

    Bo have a blessed Spirit-filled walk with your Savior!

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  8. Gan says:

    Just checkin in…

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