Teen Missions Brazil Update #4!

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Teen Missions Team 08027

Robert Krasawski III

Caixa Postal 01

Sao Miguel do Guama-PA

CEP 68660-970



Brazil performed 7 children´s programs

Location: 2008-7-21

"Let the little children come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven". This verse has come alive for the team this week as we have been busy visiting local communities and in the town of Sao Miguel, where they have performed 7 children´s programs. Children´s songs, puppets, skits, testimonies and even had Sam, Oren and Katie dressed up as clowns to entertain the kids… make-up and all! At our first presentation we saw seven little children step forward and pray to receive Jesus as Savior. This was very special for us all, to see the first fruits for the programs we have been doing. Since then we have counted over 36 children who have made decisions for Jesus. The team has bonded well with the Bible School students here at the TMI base and we look forward to spending more time together. Yesterday (Sunday) was a busy day for the team. In the morning we ran a Sunday School in the central Assemblies of God Church in Sao Miguel and there must have been over 100 children. Then in the evening we went to two Baptist churches, one at 5pm and then backed up at another at 7:30pm. The first was with a lot of youth and very lively but the second one was more traditional and conservative. I was impressed how the team adapted to both situations so well and really blessed and challenged the believers at both churches. It has been hot and humid with a couple of strong storms in the late afternoons. The team is doing well health wise and really enjoying the http://www.roids.co/ and amongst the Brazilian people. They mix so well it is hard to get them back onto the bus or truck afterwards. Some have changed their names because the Brazilians struggle with some pronunciations. So now Willow goes by Rose, Bo goes by Roberto and Sam goes by Sam-well. They have enjoyed various Brazilian juices such as acai, graviola, acerola, and maracuja, just to name a few. Most are pretty game to try new taste sensations, but everyone’s favorite is the local soft drink, Guarana. We have had to adjust our plans for this week because our boat pilot, Romulo, sadly just lost his dad yesterday in an accident. We will now take our truck to a community on the river 25 miles from our base and meet up with Romulo and our boat later in the week. The challenge for our team is that some are going to ride bicycles all the way. So tomorrow morning at about 5:30am while it´s still cool, leader Jay, Sam, Oren and James together with 4 of the Brazilians will be pedalling and the rest will be support crew in our truck. Please pray for Romulo and his family during this difficult time. We praise the Lord that his dad was a Christian and so we can rejoice in knowing he is with the Lord, but it was very sudden for the family and they need our prayers. That´s about all for now. Thanks for your prayers and mail, both are very important when so far from home. Please keep it up! Big hugs from the Amazon River Team.

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