American Idol Mania in Jacksonville this weekend– *My husband!!!*

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When I picked up the Sunday paper, there was a sticker on the front for "Idol Mania."  Jacksonville is holding this event this Saturday at the Landing downtown.  This is not actually American Idol, of course, just a fun event for people.  The contestants will go downtown and be videotaped performing acapella for 20 seconds (no pressure there!)  The videos will be posted on sometime next week and people can vote for their favorites.  I told my dh, who is not happy that he’s too old to actually compete on American Idol (he would win!) that he had to go down and compete.  They were only taking 250 entries and the entries had to be done online, so I entered his name but didn’t think we’d hear from them.  I just received this email this morning!

Congratulations, you¹ve been selected to take part in the Times-Union and
Jacksonville.com¹s Idol Mania event.

It¹s important to note that this is in no way affiliated with the American
Idol TV show. Participating in Idol Mania will NOT get you onto American
Idol or get you into the American Idol auditions scheduled for Aug. 13 at
Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

Here¹s how Idol Mania will work:

–       We¹ve selected 250 people. Those have been broken up into five
groups of 50 each. Each group has been assigned an hour for performing,
beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday, July 26. Please show up at the Jacksonville
Landing at the beginning of your appointed hour. If you can¹t make it during
your appointed hour, you can come down anyway and we¹ll try to work you in
(but we can¹t promise anything).
–       During your appointed hour, each person in your group will be given
a chance to  sing. You can sing any song you like, but it must be a capella
(unaccompanied by music), and you¹ll only sing for 20 seconds. Please come
prepared; we have an awful lot of people to get through and the schedule is
going to be very tight.
–       Each performance will be videotaped. We¹ll post all of the videos on and invite viewers to vote for their favorites.
The winner will get a prize that we¹re still working to finalize.
–       Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who can give us
the rights to post their video online.
–       You are welcome to bring friends and family along to cheer you on
but they will not be allowed to perform unless time permits.
–       If you have questions, call Tom Szaroleta at (904) 359-4548 or send
an e-mail to

You are in Group 4
Please arrive at the Jacksonville Landing by 11:45 a.m.. A registration
table will be set up for sign-in.

Isn’t that a hoot?  My dh is going to freak out when he realizes he’s actually supposed to go do this, LOL!  I’ll let you know when the postings are online!

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2 Responses to American Idol Mania in Jacksonville this weekend– *My husband!!!*

  1. Melissa says:

    You go, Rob! We'll be watching

  2. tiredmom says:

    Please, do let us know when it is on line!

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