2008 Teen Missions Amazon River Brazil update!

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Woohoo!  The first update in a week.  Boy, I am not patient for these updates!  As in, I check the computer approximately 10 times a day for them!  My 3rd check this morning finally paid off, though.

Brazil 2008-07-29

Amazon River Team has returned today from their ministry journey down the Guama River, tired but rejoicing in the Lord. Last Monday we left the TMI base in the truck and on Bike because the pilot of our boat had just lost his father and couldn’t take us. We had planned for the boys to pedal and the girls to ride the truck but the boys showed up late for breakfast so the girls beat them to the bikes. Shannon, Katie, Mariah and Nicole pedalled the 12 miles together with three Bible School students and the rest of us followed behind on the truck. They did very well despite the dirt road, ups and downs, and the heat towards the end of the ride. I think the guys were jealous. We stayed in Boa Vista at an Assemblies of God church where the pastor was very willing to have the team give children’s programs in all the little communities around. Each day we would visit a village, invite the people, do a one hour program and then head back to the base. Both mornings and afternoons. We were grateful to have the truck because each community was about 3 miles from our base. Brazilians love to have fun and so at every program we had 2 team members dressed up as clowns, make-up and all. They had to put it on at 8am and couldn’t take it off until 5pm! I think Bo (with his size 13 boots) made the best clown but they all did a great job and the kids loved them. Working alongside the Brazilian Bible School students was really effective too and we saw over 30 children pray to accept Christ. Two communities are very strong catholic communities and they had not ever allowed a team to do anything before, but we were blessed to be given permission, and at one of them they even allowed us to present in the hall next to the catholic church. The local leader watched the whole thing and was very content with our work. The team enjoyed their stay at Boa Vista, eating beans and rice every lunch with the students and taking baths every afternoon down at the river with the local kids following them everywhere. Jay made some close friends with all the children and it was special for me when he gave his portuguese Bible to one family because they didn’t have one. We pray that they will read it and come to know the Lord through it because we know that His word will not return void. Today the team returned to Sao Miguel on our boat cruising about 3 hours up the Guama River and enjoying the scenery… except for Daniel who slept the whole way. I guess after being on the Amazon River, everything else is boring! We are blessed to be at our base for the next few days, so they can rest up good and bounce back quick, Lord willing. Our plans for this week are to work with the students on the base and we have a few presentations in town. On Friday we head towards Belem for the final days of our time here. We have the week-end in a place called Mosquiero, right on the beach where we will have many opportunities for evangelism because it is still school holidays here. Then Monday until Wednesday we will be in Belem for last presentations and final souvenir shopping, not to mention our banquet at a "Churrascaria" or Brazilian BBQ restaurant… can’t wait!! Tchau for now!!!

Yes, Bo really does have BIG feet.  The frightening thing is that his brother’s are bigger.  He’s going to be so tall!  It’s so nice to hear from the team.  Yesterday we received our first letter from Bo since we last saw him on July 6th; it was written July 8th and mailed from Brazil July 15th so there wasn’t really much news yet!  I’m hoping he wrote at least once more while he’s been there, but as you can sortof tell by reading, they’re very busy!

My dh just left to take 3,500 bracelets in to drop off–we did all those *this weekend!*  I’ve got lots of new helpers because we have a ton of them to do this month, which is great.  Thank God for bracelets!  My truck broke down while we were at the beach on Sunday and is now in the shop having the starter replaced because it was literally trying to start itself (Christine, anyone???) so that’s $500, plus he just replaced a tire on his car, and it needs a new motor put in one window *plus* a new roof!  To top it all off, he and a friend are starting their own kitchen design store.  So we could use all the prayer we can get!

Hope all your school planning is going well–we have 3 weeks to go, here, before it’s time for school to start!  I’m looking forward to my weekend of Classical Conversations tutor training on Saturday; my df Kirstyn and I will head down Friday for an unavoidable stop at IKEA in Orlando!  I’ve never been there so I’m excited, especially as I’m told it’s the best place to find stuff for a)kids and b)storage–the 2 biggest issues of my life, I do think, LOL!

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