Teen Missions Amazon River Brazil Update!

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Amazon at TMI base

Location: 2008-8-01

Amazon River has received a nice little breather this week before we finish with a sprint in our final week here in Brazil. We returned to the TMI base in Sao Miguel on Monday and got caught up on laundry on Tuesday as well as classes and starting our Debrief presentation practice. Tuesday night we went to a church in town. We also were able to play soccer with the BMW students in our free time in the afternoon. The brazilians ran circles around us but we did intimidate them with our boots! Emily and Mariah (actually she goes by Maiara here) showed them that girls play as much as boys in America and the Brazilians were very impressed. I’m afraid Oren and Daniel had a hard time swapping football skills for soccer skills though, and there were a couple of brazilians limping around at the end of the game. Wednesday we had a get together with a brazilian youth group in town and it was fun to watch the team mingling so well and using their portuguese to break down barriers. They all had to find a friend, ask them their name, age and how long they have been a christian for. I don’t think anybody came back empty handed. Wednesday night was special for us all. We had a bonfire with the BMW students after dinner with some praise and worship, games and lots of popcorn. The team even taught the brazilians how to roast marshmallows. Thursday we went to a drug rehab centre in Sao Miguel which looked like the california rehab, run by an independent pastor and it was some good sharing time with the 5 interns. The local tv reporters showed up at the same time as us and interviewed Vanja, Emily and Sam and they did very well. You know that the team has made themselves at home here in Brazil when a tarantula the size of a man’s hand becomes the centre of attention. James had it crawling all over his body and head and then Shannon, Willow, Mariah, and even Emily struck up the courage to hold it. I was truly amazed! Tomorrow we have to say goodbye to the first year students and I know there are going to be tears from both sides. We head towards Belem for our final week together with the 6 second year students. It is going to be a very busy time for us staying in two different churches. They have many things planned for us. Please pray that we can serve the Lord strong to the end and by His grace meet our goal of 300 souls for Jesus. All glory to His name!

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