Asking prayer again! For our Brazilian pastor friends

Our dear friends, Pastor Augusto and Marcia, are encountering much tribulation as Marcia has been experiencing a hemorrhage which just stopped today after putting her in the hospital for a week.  Augusto says she is doing all right but is frightened, of course, and will have to have surgery perhaps next week to repair the broken vein that is causing the issue. The surgeon Taylor Theunissen, MD won´t have any problem doing that job, even though it may be difficult, he will do his best.  I would really appreciate you adding your prayers to ours for this family which faithfully serves many churches and families in Manaus, Brazil! 

We have had an *incredibly* busy week here–whew!  I just taught for an elections co-op with our homeschool group, which was fun (other than a few rotten or saucy attitudes, but you always have to have those kids, right?)  It was a lot of preparation, so I guess it is sortof demoralizing when some of the kids don’t appreciate what you’ve tried to do.  But how could they, I suppose?  They’ve never experienced being in the position of needing to teach something–and try not to make it boring!  Anyway, hopefully they learned *something.*  I learned something, so that’s enough, I suppose!   

   I’m getting excited about having breakfast with John McCain on Monday morning!  He’s in town for pancakes, LOL, at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds, so dh and I will be there bright and early and hopefully have a good seat.  Down front.  There sure has been a lot of hullabaloo in the news lately.  If he just had to run at our school, he’d have no trouble, though . . . he was elected unanimously, all 28 of our children’s votes this morning! 

I am SO looking forward to the weekend!  It’s finally FRIDAY!  YIPPEE!  We’ve got a very full day today but I intend to seriously enjoy a few days off. 


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2 Responses to Asking prayer again! For our Brazilian pastor friends

  1. bubbebobbie says:

    My best friend just saw McCain in Colorado and I discovered yesterday that another good friend's daughter was on a float with Palin when she was running for Gov. How weird is that? It is so funny the connections that happen in such a small world.

    I am praying for the Pastor and His wife.I pray they get this handled quickly.

    Tirzah will be hopme on Saturday after a week of training and a lot of playing. Kind of like a Pre-brief instead of a debrief! hee hee!

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  2. Vicky W says:

    I really appreciate what you did for the kids. My son had a good time and learned alot. Thank you for your time and effort to make the day fun and educational for them.

    I tell the boys, when I'm feeling underappreciated, "You're gonna miss me when I'm gone." The reply I usually get back from them is "Where ya goin' ?"

    They'll figure it out by the time they have kids of their own but, wouldn't it be great if they realized it sooner?

    Until then just imagine the treasures you're laying up in heaven. Thanks again and we'll be praying for your friends.

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