My little flowergirl

Had to post this picture of my princess taken tonight at our dear babysitter’s wedding; she was a flowergirl.  She looked *way* too beautiful, I think, and it was giving her daddy fits.  I’ll get my own camera in here and put up a few pictures later, but this one was sent from daddy’s phone so it’s available now!  I have to tell you, I think it may have been the beginning and the end of my Noonie’s flower girl career; she tended to fidget . . . and place flower petals in her mouth and make funny faces and stoop to the ground picking up the petals she’d tossed and let her straps slip off her shoulders and forget which side she was supposed to stand on . . . thankfully, I suppose, she was on the bottom row of the steps and not too visible.  My Toria, though, was a picture of loveliness (except for a few tears for her new high heels, which bothered her a smidge at the end) and the entire wedding was beautiful!

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2 Responses to My little flowergirl

  1. drewsfamilytx says:

    Oh wow, she is absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous smile!

  2. Melissa says:

    She is truly beautiful. God mixed the gene pool just right for her!

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