TOS Crew Review: One 2 Believe Nativity Set!

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For the past several years, as I’ve set up my Christmas decorations, I’ve said to my husband, "Gee, I’d really like to have a nativity set that the kids could actually play with!"  I knew they’d enjoy it, but wasn’t about to let them get into my breakable one!  Last year I noticed that Fisher Price had a set, but I never went back to purchase it.  Imagine how thrilled I was one afternoon a few weeks ago to receive *this* in the mail!

Yes, Christmas has come early to our house this year!    This fun set is from a company called One2Believe.  They believe that there’s a "battle for the toybox" going on, and I’d have to agree with them.  So much of what we see in the stores is contrary to what we want to encourage in our children.  One 2 Believe has created toys in answer to that challenge.  This particular set is 17 pieces, starring Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus in the manger (*note–He comes out!  This is my favorite feature of this set, as I’ve always wanted to build my nativity set as December rolls on, placing the baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas morning to complete it–yet most nativities have baby Jesus permanently glued in!  The only problem so far . . . since my kids are already reviewing this product with me, baby Jesus is currently AWOL!  Hopefully we’ll locate Him before Dec 25th!  ) Supporting cast includes three kings, two shepherds, two angels, one camel, one donkey, two sheep, stable, hay bale, and tree.  The pieces are sturdy but not-sharp pvc, and they’re *cute!*  It also contains a mini storybook to help you tell the story of the birth of Baby Jesus.

I wanted to give you some more info on One2Believe, so here’s a quote from their site:

Our Vision

one2believe’s passion is to help children learn important Bible lessons and to have them come to faith in Jesus. Our goal is to provide fun ways of teaching children about the greatest people who ever lived. Through the toys that we design, children will learn and play out exciting stories about real people. Our toys teach children that there are real superheroes they can believe in!

one2believe has a great desire to support parents in their battle for their children’s hearts and minds. We pray that parents will take the lead by engaging their children in faith and get them excited about Jesus. In Phillipians it speaks about pressing on. At one2believe we believe that we will either influence the world or the world will influence us.

Great folks to be supporting, don’t you think? 

This set is $24.95 and well worth it in my book.  My younger kids are really enjoying playing with it, and it’s a great addition to our Christmas celebration this year!  Check them out yourselves at and you’ll find they feature Bible stories as well as coloring pages you can print from your computer!

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