Getting ready for Thanksgiving!

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Well, Thanksgiving will be here in . . . 8 days!  Yippee!  I love Thanksgiving.  Cooking is quite honestly one of my very favorite things to do.  My husband said he’d like to try frying our turkey this year, as we haven’t done that since 1997, when our friend the turkey-frying-expert  flooded our back patio in oil, but created a very yummy turkey as a result!    When I double checked the frying plan with him a couple of days ago, he admitted he was beginning to chicken out because he would miss the smell of turkey in the house!  So we’re going to have the best of both worlds . . . as I’m usually dealing with a 25-lb turkey anyway, the job can be split.  He’ll fry a 12-lber in the back yard, and I’ll roast a 12-lber the traditional way!  I’m an equal opportunity kitchen manager.  I’ve got to sit down with my mother in law and make a plan for the day soon, as they’ll be joining us, and then I’ll be able to decide what I’m making in advance.  I’ve got some free Thanksgiving projects that I downloaded at the TOS website; if you haven’t subscribed to their newsletter yet, I definitely recommend it!  They’ve always got great stuff offered, often for FREE!  Here’s where you can find them: .  Click on "Join our email list."

Tip of the day: clean your oven!  Mine was a wreck.  I cook all the time, and though I *love* to cook, I’m not a neat cook by any stretch.  The last thing you want is to be messing with this next week, and the second-to-last-thing you want is for your mother-in-law to be asking "Where’s the smoke coming from?" when you were expecting the delectable smell of turkey to be wafting through the house instead!  I’ve got a non-self-cleaning oven (don’t ask; we were trying to save some money!) myself . . . so I just bought a can of the blue Easy-Off (it doesn’t give off fumes, since I have kids in the house.)  You could spray it on overnight and wipe it out in the morning, but since I wanted to finish mine today and just read the directions a little while ago, I sprayed it in this morning and will wipe it out this afternoon.  You’ll have to remove your oven racks (not sure exactly why; I guess the spray might damage them) so I’ve done the same thing I did with my refrigerator shelving and doors–put them in the bathtub with a few inches of hot water and a gelpack of dishwashing detergent!  I’m looking forward to having a sparkling clean oven.  I’m going to make a list of what needs to be done in advance and try to post them here each day til Thanksgiving!

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