Thanksgiving -4!

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Well, my plans are a bit askew already!  I’ve caught the cold my kids were fighting last week (I should say the cold they *started* fighting last week; they’ve all still got it!) and so I won’t be able to shop today, after all.  My husband says forget it!  Anyway, I’m putting my plans here so I can gather my thoughts.

I’ve cleaned the refrigerator and the oven, and will do a whole-house deep clean on Wednesday (I’m going to have R take the kids OUT!)  Talked to my dear mil yesterday and we split up some of the list of food items.  Printed out the recipes I needed . . . Paula Deen’s turkeys–roasted and fried!–apple cranberry stuffing, pecan pie, pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins, gluten-free rolls (mil is gluten-intolerant) and flourless chocolate cake (a request from a friend!) and put items I need onto a grocery list, along with roasting pans, candles, salt-and-pepper shakers, beaters for my electric mixer, and a candy thermometer.  We rearranged the living/dining room, knowing the tree’s on its way (yippee!) and we needed extra seating room for the season.  So here’s what I have left to do . . .

Sunday-  Have kids clean yard and begin work on bedrooms.  Plan out crafts for the kids to do on Thursday–I think I’ll have them make placecards of some sort, so everyone knows where to sit!

Monday- I’m getting my hair done in the morning, then I’ll shop on the way home.  Don’t forget to buy ice as well as water, since the icemaker in the fridge is broken!  We’re doing a Thanksgiving unit study this week.  I believe we’ll make our Indian bearskin storybooks today.  And I think I’d better fill the salt and pepper shakers and change the camera batteries today, too.

Tuesday- We have Classical Conversations today, so I’ll be gone til afternoon–yikes!~ when I get home I’ll need to make apple dip, cranberry sauce, pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins, caramel-apple and pecan pies.  Rub to-be-fried turkey with spices and store in fridge.   Continue unit study.

Wednesday- Last unit study day for kids, major cleanup day for me when we’re done!  Pull out serving dishes and spoons, wash if necessary.  Buy flowers for centerpiece and arrange.  Wash tablecloths and napkins in the evening, so they can go straight onto the table before they wrinkle.  Put extra leaf in and add extra chairs.  Enlist girls to help me set table for Turkey Day!  Set out butter so it’ll soften.  Make creamed onions so they can be warmed up simply tomorrow.  Make sure everyone gets a bath! Set out clothes for everyone.  Program coffeemaker.  Run and empty dishwasher right before bed.  Empty trash. 

Thursday- 7:30 Sneak in some Bible time before this very busy day gets started!  Make a list of all I’m thankful for.  Warm up pumpkin muffins, pour juice and coffee.

                  9:00 Turn on the parade!  Have kids stay in jammies so their good outfits don’t get messy before anyone gets here.

                 9:30 Put turkey in the oven (it’s going to be 12 lbs, so 3 hours should be about right.)  Sit down with the newspaper to plan tomorrow’s shopping while watching the parade!    Let kids make placecards.

                 11:30 Fill sink with hot, soapy water so it’s ready for dirty bowls, spoons and pans.  Make stuffing.  Light candles in bathrooms and the big ones around the room.

                 12:00  Guests arrive.  Put out cheese and crackers, apples and dip, and Aunt C’s devilled eggs, so no one starves before dinner.  R can "do" the fried turkey on the back patio . . . I’m going to stay inside!  Light candles on table.                     

                 12:30 Roast Turkey should be done!  Put sweet potatoes, rolls and creamed onions into oven to warm up.  Let turkey rest, make maple-cranberry glaze and gravy.  Have boys pour drinks for everyone.

                    1:00 Time to eat!  Place food out on table.  Put pecan and apple pies into oven to warm during dinner.

        Whew!  Sounds busy and fun!  I feel so much better when eveything’s laid out like this.  And now, I just need to get better so I can actually do it all starting tomorrow. 


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    You are amazing!!

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