Black Friday shopping and a great deal from The Old Schoolhouse!

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I’m so excited about Thanksgiving!  Last night I made a flourless chocolate cake and a caramel apple pie for tomorrow, and it was quite a bit of work to keep from digging in right then.  You should have seen my kitchen.  I am *not* a neat cook by any stretch!  Turkey dinner is my absolute favorite.  I love the excuse to cook for days and days, love waking up early to put the turkey in, love my girls covered in flour and "helping," love the candles lit and friends and family coming in the door.  I love putting on the first Christmas music of the season just as we finish our last bites of Thanksgiving dinner.  I love turkey sandwiches on wimpy white bread on Thanksgiving night!

But I’ll admit, I’m also looking forward to the day after Thanksgiving!  When we went to Nebraska two years ago to spend the holidays with my side of the family, I got to go shopping with my sister.  We woke up while the house was still dark and it was *freezing* out, and hit the stores without the kiddos.  It was so fun!  I’d never gone before, and was surprised at how non-scary it was after all the stories I’d heard.  By the time we were through, we had tons of bags and could barely fit them in the car.  I think I remember having spent maybe $150 for about $400 worth of gifts!  My husband looked at me like I was crazy; after all, there was barely room for the luggage, LOL!  It was definitely a great memory.  We even got to meet my mom and sister in law for lunch.  I’d actually love it if I could do Thanksgiving here, then head out late Thursday night after everyone goes to bed and fly myself to Nebraska so my sis and I could shop again!  But reality doesn’t allow that, so I’ll have to make do.  I’ll grab the paper in the morning on Thanksgiving and look over it that night, making out my list and attack plan for Friday.  Fun!

Here’s a deal you can stay in your jammies for!  If you haven’t already subscribed, or if you know someone who needs a subscription, this is a perfect clutter-free gift!

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is having an amazing sale on subscriptions during their annual Black Friday Sale November 26 – 30. For those 5 days only, they are drastically reducing their one-year subscription price to $7.95! That’s the price you would usually pay for just one issue at a bookstore!

This is their lowest price ever on the magazine and they want all of you to take advantage of this offer and share the info with your friends.

Please don’t miss out. Your one-year subscription will pay for itself time and time again as you receive practical tips and Biblical encouragement to keep going strong in your commitment to homeschooling and to the Lord. Since it’s a quarterly magazine, they even have a monthly subscriber’s only E-Newsletter called Teacher’s Toolbox that will give you seasonal teaching ideas and a free E-Book download! It’s like joining a unit study of the month club! The free E-Books alone are valued at almost $250/year. It’s really perfect for people who are homeschooling on a shoestring or just wanting to add in some little extras to your teaching.

Plus during the Black Friday Sale, they have all kind of bonus gifts when you spend $50, $75, $100, or $150. Some are electronic downloads that you can download immediately, while other are physical products mailed from various vendors directly to your home.

AND, their Win Big contest is going on so if you just happen to be customer 67,000, you will receive a prize package valued at almost $500 which includes a $150 gift certificate to the Schoolhouse Store! Who couldn’t use that? And you can qualify to win it no matter how much or how little you spend!

Mark your calendars for November 26 – 30th and do a little shopping from your seat, not your feet at the Schoolhouse Store’s Black Friday Sale!

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