TOS Crew Review: Kinderbach

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Kinderbach is a company started by Karri Gregor, a piano teacher who wanted to reach out to preschoolers interested in learning to play.  It consists of CDs, DVDs and Activity Books just for kids!


My older kids play piano and guitar, so the youngers are always wanting in on the action.  They were excited to see Kinderbach’s website, which has a definite Blue’s Clues feel (characters on a "live" background) and get started.  The program teaches the notes as characters rather than letters, to make it simpler.  The animated characters on the screen are very engaging and cute.  As listed on their website:

KinderBach is preschool piano lessons, music for young children at their level of understanding.  KinderBach presents music using the piano keyboard as the base instrument to maximize the beneficial effects on the growth and development of young kids.  Children should love to learn an instrument and KinderBach makes the learning fun.
With KinderBach, you can choose the learning path that is best for you.  KinderBach offers online sessions, DVD lessons, or curriculum for early childhood classes.

Since it’s designed for preschoolers, your child doesn’t have to be able to read to benefit from the program. 

We don’t have a portable keyboard that’s portable enough to be moved from bedroom to livingroom on a daily basis, so though they had a piano available, my kids did lose interest after the first 3 or 4 lessons.  I’d love to see Kinderbach develop a little keyboard of their own that they could sell through the website!

You can check out all the fun at  The site offers a free trial of 4 sessions each for week one and two, and further lessons are available at 3 different levels: the Bronze (only one available now) for $85.95 for the year *or* $14.95 per month, billed monthly.  The soon-coming Silver and Bronze levels will include piano karaoke songs and games for kids.  If you want something fun for your littles to do online in a safe environment, and for them to pick up some great music skills as they play, you’ll want to get a look at this!

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