TOS Crew Review: All About Spelling’s All About Homophones

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Here’s another great product from All About Spelling!

Remember all those fun words you learned in grade school that had something to do with spelling?  You know the ones–they showed up every year when you did your state testing on the days that were all about English–homonyms, homophones, homographs (actually, homonyms and homophones are the same thing–go figure!)  Just in case that particular piece of elementary education has slipped your mind, homophones are words which sound the same but have different meanings.  In the world of spelling, they can mean bad news, and kids can really get frustrated with them!

All About Homophones covers over 210 homophones in a fun, engaging way.  Their homophone tool kit offers graphic organizers, homophone worksheets, tongue twisters using homophones, fun games and activities about homophones, and even crossword puzzles in its 240 pages! The worksheets are organized by grade level, but of course you’re free to jump around and use whichever words you feel are appropriate for your students.  Since the product is available in e-book form, you can download it all at once or just print off the pages you want to use each day!  My kids got a kick out of homophones and enjoyed this painless way of studying them.  I’m not a big fan of crosswords for spelling, so we won’t use those, but the matching card games are always a hit with my kiddos and they love tongue twisters, too.  This program is very well thought-out and truly simple to use because kids will enjoy "solving" the worksheet questions themselves, filling in the blanks with the correct homophones.  A "homophone machine" at the website will also give them the giggles, as they’re able to type in their own sentences, press the "convert" button, and see what the sentence would look like if it used the wrong homophones!

You can read all about this great program at’m thrilled that we found this program, and think you’d love it, too.  All About Homophones is $27.95 in the e-book version, or have a print copy mailed to you for $29.95.  Marie Rippel is so sure of her products that she offers a 30-day money back guarantee. 

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