TOS Crew Review: Bible Story Songs

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My girls were thrilled once again to receive something in the mail just for them . . . a CD called "The Bible," from Bible Story Songs.  This one-hour long CD is full of great songs about the Bible that are even fun for adults to listen to!  There are a total of 32 songs on this album (do we still call them albums???) and one of my favorite features is that 5 of these songs cover the names of the books of the Bible in various ways.  Some of the songs are designed to enhance memorization of different verses, and they’ve been modified to fit into the musical segment appropriately. 

The background music is extremely simple, consisting pretty much of keyboards.  The songs are sung by a group of kids who sound like they’re having fun doing it.  My girls did enjoy this CD, and it’s certainly preferable to a lot of other things out there that are supposedly designed for kids to listen to!  You can listen to samples of every single song on this album, as well as from the other albums carried by this company, at .  The CDS are $9.99, and you can also order e-sheet music for the same price! 

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  1. Garrett Hageman says:

    The grass may wither and the flower fades, but the Word of God stands forever! Praise the Lord for Bible Story Songs. I am so encouraged that your kids like this. My wife and I just had our first baby, Olivia, and we love listening to and singing these all day long! Praise the Lord!

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