TOS Review: Artistic Pursuits, K-3rd Book One

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ARTistic Pursuits is a lovely program for children grades K-12.  I received the first book in the K-3rd group, and really enjoyed it!

ARTistic Pursuits covers the most important aspects of art in a simple-to-understand way.  One thing I really appreciate about the program is that even in this very first book for the youngest learners, art by classical artists is presented.  We often don’t even consider exposing our kids to "great" art, and unfortunately the bulk of their experience of art tends to be that of unimaginative, flatly-drawn cartoons.  The selections of art in this program are beautiful and children really do enjoy studying good paintings, drawings and sculptures to find the details and interpret the art on their own.  Simple instructions for each lesson lead the child to create their own works of art with easy-to-find supplies.  Take a look at an example of the way this works . . .

See what I mean?  A discussion of an art concept, followed by an example of a fine work of art demonstrating that concept, and then an opportunity for the student to use what they’ve learned by creating their own art.  This is a simple program covering important aspects of art which all children can enjoy!  The cost of this book was $42.95.  Not inexpensive, but I do believe art is an important part of children’s education and we need to really consider spending some of our money as well as effort on doing it as well as possible. The book probably *could* be less expensive, but . . . so could a lot of things. 

The folks at ARTistic Pursuits has made things even easier for you by offering art supply packs, so you can purchase a box of all the supplies your child will need and not have to hunt at the craft store. 

While I didn’t receive them, from looking over the website it appears that the books for older students are really excellent, also! 

If you want more info, take a look at their website:

Happy creating!

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