Hello again–coming up for air from a sea of reviews! ;-)

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Well, hello!  It’s me, writing for just . . . me!  😉  Seriously, I’ve had so many reviews to do lately, and so much going on with school and family situations, there’s been no time to write anything else.  I’ve got a bit of a reprieve now, though, so here I am to chat.  First things, first!

"Let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the day drawing near."  Hebrews 10:24, 25

Many of you may have heard this scripture numerous times.  I’m afraid it’s probably most often used as a hit on the head to make you feel guilty about skipping church.    But there’s more to it, I think!  In the narrative of Esther, after Haman has been executed and Mordecai is exalted to his former position, he and Esther write an edict to the Jews in Persia who have been doomed to destruction.  Their statement reads that the Jews are permitted to "assemble and defend themselves" against any threats from outsiders on the fateful day.  Beth gave the Hebrews reference to us as the modern-day counterpart to that idea, and it really hit home.  Last night a friend stopped by and mentioned to me a situation that I’m dealing with, and was kind enough to give me her personal opinion on it.  She was right, and after she left, I thought about how much I need other people’s insight into my life–something I can really lack as a busy homeschooling mom.  I had to admit that actually, I might not have even been dealing with this situation if I’d gotten more outside advice to begin with, judging from the guardedly negative reactions I received after the decision had already been made.  So, anyway, when I read this verse this morning, it made a lot of sense to me.  We need each other.  Even when we’re busy and don’t think we have time for it, we need to "assemble together and defend one another."  We need someone who stands a few paces off from our life, who can see perhaps more clearly than we do because they aren’t myopic about the situations that come up.  It’s hard to think straight when we’re so full of emotions, especially when it comes to matters regarding our families.  We all need to make sure we’re not becoming too isolated or too busy to spend time with other women who are wise and who love God, who need our encouragement and insights as much as we need theirs.

And now for the trivial stuff–Haha!

The big news around here is that we’ve decided to go ahead and graduate our eldest son this year rather than next.  It’s not really a new decision; actually we’d planned to do it that way since 8th grade, when he started doing high school work in math, science and English.  Last year, though, was a bit of a rough one, and when he decided to go into "regular school" we didn’t want him doing it as a senior, so we pulled those credits and placed him as an eleventh grader.  When he *didn’t* go to school, after all, I guess I somehow forgot all those extra credits.  So last weekend my husband and I were out for dinner and discussing our school situation and ds’ unhappiness with it, and he asked, "Why isn’t he graduating this year?"  and I said, "Uuuummmmm, because . . . " and I couldn’t think of anything!  He does need to do two more half-credit classes, but those are simple ones that we can fit into his schedule now.  When I sat down with his transcript, we found that he has 28.5 credits, and 24 are required, so . . . it’s been a long week of rushed graduation announcement-ordering, senior picture taking, and yearbook information gathering!  Whew!  He’s excited.  I think what will probably happen is that he’ll head to Brazil this summer with his pastor friend who has asked him to come back and work with him for awhile, and then come back home when his visa time is up to work in his dad’s store and head to college the following fall.  I really think that will give him a better sense of what exactly it is he wants to do–and why.  Right now, he’s tired to death of school, to be quite honest.  From what I’ve read, most people change their major multiple times, and then most don’t do what they majored in, anyway, so . . . time could be helpful.  And I’m really wondering if perhaps the reason I didn’t know about this until last weekend is because I’m already feeling emotional about it?!?! and the Lord knew I couldn’t stand being a senior’s mom for a whole year.   

We’re almost done at church with our study on Esther.  That seems strange, as it’s been kindof a long study (10 weeks altogether) and I’ve no idea what’s next!  It’s been very enjoyable, and there are so many places in my workbook that have comments circled and "BLOG!" written above them.  I promise I’ll get to it at some point!  On top of that, there are my many pages of notes from the Wholehearted Moms conference which I’d love to share with you!  My cup overflows, let me tell ya.

The kids just finished their school testing this week, so that’s always interesting.  This week is our "off" week of Classical Conversations, and the tutors will gather and plan the last four weeks of that.  I can’t believe we’re really wrapping up the school year soon!  It’s exciting.  I’m trying to decide how to schedule our summer and next year’s school; having a baby right in the middle of August is rough timing for the beginning of a school year!  I’m seriously considering starting over the summer, when it’s too hot to get outside and do anything, anyway, and saving our off weeks for Christmas and some of the kinder, gentler months.  Haven’t been able to think about it too much, though, as I feel like I’ve got to finish off this year first (at least most of the way!) before I start in on what’s next!

Two of the boys got their braces on in the last couple of weeks.  And Victoria lost her first tooth yesterday! They are growing up much too quickly for my taste.  Minutes may drag by, but years surely fly.

Our temperatures here are supposed to be in the 70s for the next couple of weeks, which means it’s time to plant flowers and vegetable seeds!  Woohoo!  Today, you can find me out in the yard.  We’ve got a lot of work to do.  I can’t wait for my roses and hydrangeas to bloom, and I’ve got big plans to do some square foot gardening this year!  Someone find me a hammer and some bags of mulch!  Enjoy your weekend; I do hope you’re having as lovely a day as we are.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Whoa, your baby Bo is going to graduate? Yes, the years fly by! What is he, all of 16? Amazing! Congratulations to him (and you, for all you've done in educating him)! Love y'all!

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