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Spelling seems to be one of those subjects that most people feel they’re either naturally good at, or naturally not good at.  While I have the oftentimes annoying habit of seeing a misspelled word at 50 paces, most of my children don’t seem to be similarly cursed.  😉 

SpellQuizzer is a product designed to help your children learn their spelling words simply.  Many homeschool parents find it difficult to find time to drill their children’s spelling words on a regular basis.  According to the website . . .

How the SpellQuizzer spelling software works

Using SpellQuizzer you can enter the child’s weekly spelling list and make audio recordings of the words in the list. The software then quizzes the child, playing each word back to him one at a time, checking his spelling as he types in the words. SpellQuizzer corrects him when he types in a word incorrectly, and re-quizzes him on any words he missed once the first pass is completed. Just set up the child’s list on Monday, and have him spend no more than five to ten minutes a day letting SpellQuizzer quiz him. By the end of the week he will be ready for his Friday spelling test at school. SpellQuizzer is also ideal for spelling bee preparation.

We all have different priorities in education and that’s why its great to read others opinions . . . and then try things out yourself if you still have any interest in a product.  The nice thing is that with SpellQuizzer, you can download a free sample of the program that can be used for 30 days.  It’s also convenient because you can use the program with any spelling list–just plug in a new one whenever your child needs it.  Cost-wise, it’s great; only $29.95.  But I have to tell you that this just isn’t a product I was impressed with.  The website suggests that using the software is simpler for children for many reasons, including the fact that typing is easier than writing.  While that may be true, I’d argue that the act of writing out the words properly "engraves" the word in the child’s brain.  And I like to have my kids simply copy out their lists a couple of times per day to get it in there . . . I just wouldn’t use this, personally.
But if you’d like to at least take a look, it’s certainly great to be able to do so for free!  Check out SpellQuizzer at . . . what else?  !
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