TOS Crew Review: Homeschool In the Woods New Testament Activity Pak

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Homeschool In The Woods is a company you may have heard of but not seen for yourself.  If so, I urge you to take a look at their wonderful offerings!  The Pak family homeschools their children . . . yes, in the woods!  They have created some *gorgeous* products for your students to enjoy while they learn more about history.  Here’s part of the story from their website:

From the beginning of our schooling experience, I (Amy, mom and teacher of the brood), having dreaded the thought of teaching history to my children as it was a topic of particular distaste in my own school years, immediately glommed onto the idea of timelines as a great visual resource to pull the whole idea of history together. It made sense and gave a concrete foundation for fitting all the topics into place. As we studied history through living books, drama, writing, etc., I fell in love with the topic of history, as it had become a new and exciting venture to be explored–far different than the boring textbooks I remembered in high school! With the timeline a mandatory tool, I found myself having trouble finding images that I liked. I had been a graphic designer/illustrator both in an agency and as a free-lancer for several years, and my choice of art was rather picky. I vowed that, Lord willing, someday I would create figures that were classic and realistic in illustration.

And so she has!  This is another product I received with glee, since aside from Sonlight’s timeline figures (which were detailed and great, by the way) I hadn’t actually seen any of their products.  And here’s what I found when I opened the simple download . . .

This New Testament pak is HITW’s newest product.  It includes 15 activities to help you complete an entire, professional-looking lapbook with topics ranging from the lineage of Jesus to the last supper, the fruits of the spirit, and letters from Paul!  The pieces for each activity are very well-designed, as you can see.  I love the "working" mailbox, as well as the "New Testament News" scroll.  If your kids enjoy being crafty, they will love this!  If you are the only one who enjoys being crafty, just have them do it anyway, and spread it out over some time–just do one activity each week!  Lapbooking is a great way to cement in what you’re studying in your daily lessons.  It’s also a great memory item for your kids–they aren’t often able to do something concrete for Bible study.  I’m planning on making ours part of our end-of-the-year program! 

I was disappointed at first that there were no written lessons to go along with the activities in the lapbook.  However, HITWs products are designed to be used alongside whatever it is you happen to be studying.  That way, it works for everyone.  Add it on to the New Testament reading you are already doing, or take your cue one activity at a time by reading the Scriptures relating to it while the children color/cut/glue whatever they’re working on.  The recommended grade level for this pak is 3rd-8th grade.  Love it, love it, love it!

And here’s the clincher . . . the price for this is . . . get ready . . . $18.95!  Can you believe it?  You can order it online and receive it within a few hours (up to 24 in order to process your payment) or else order a CD of the project for $19.95 if you can stand to wait.  I think this package is wonderful and more than worth the price, and will post some pics when we’re all done! is the place to see all their great products, including paks for the Civil War, Timeline figures, and the American Revolution.  They’re good friends to have on your homeschool journey!

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