Loving these days . . .

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I *do* have another review to write, but I had to pop in to say that today is Micah’s birthday.  Woohoo!  He’s my little cowboy, and has recently taken up an insatiable interest in . . . hammers.  Ever since Daddy built my square foot gardens out front, LOL!  He’s 2 today, and we’ll have a little cake and ice cream party for him tonight, which the girls are very excited about.

We’re heading out in about 15 minutes for my docs office for an ultrasound, to get a peek at this little baby!  So maybe we’ll finally be able to figure out his/her name, since it’ll reduce the possibilities by at least half. 

It also struck me as amusing this morning that I gave my eldest son a book to read about hearing God’s voice, and only a homeschooler could read a book about how to hear God for themselves and get credit for "Life Management."  Wouldn’t things be much better if part of "Life Management" for EVERYONE was learning how to hear God?  I’m thinking so!

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3 Responses to Loving these days . . .

  1. Cindy @ Fenced in Family says:

    Happy birthday to Micah! Hope all is well after your ultrasound. Have fun picking a name. :)

  2. sis says:

    Oh it sounds so cute! Him and his hammer. Love the family picture can you send me the link so I can make a copy for my home? love ya chica!

  3. Melissa says:

    Happy birthday, baby Micah! You'll always have a special place in my heart, because your name is special to our family and because you're only eight days younger than our Jonah. May God bless you all of your days, and may you follow him with excitement and joy. We love you!

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