TOS Crew Review: Alphabet Alley Baby Magnetic Playset

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We’ve had so much fun with the toys we’ve received this year as part of the TOS Crew!  The girls were thrilled last month to open a package from Alphabet Alley, already a favorite after the Noah’s Ark memory game we’d reviewed earlier this year.  This time I was excited, too, because lo and behold–a magnetic set entitled "New Baby!" 

How cute is that?  We loved the bunny motif and all the darling little pieces that allowed the girls to arrange and rearrange (and rearrange, and rearrange, and rearrange . . . ) the new baby’s bedroom.  DARLING!

Now, unfortunately Alphabet Alley has had to pull this product while they determine its compliance with new laws.  I’m hoping it gets cleared because it would make a wonderful gift for soon-to-be or recent new big brothers/sisters.  You can see more of Alphabet Alley’s fun products at !

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