Stockpiling Tips–$20 a week plan and how much my family “needs”

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I’ve been doing some more reading about stockpiling.  Apparently it’s becoming a concern for many people.  I’ve not been able to do nearly as much as I wanted to do, *but* it’s in process!  You may want to take a look at this website.  A forum for people interested in preparedness, there are several conversations here regarding stockpiling on a budget.  My favorite part is the lists for $20-per-week stockpiling!  Take a look here.

  I figure, doing a little is better than doing nothing!  If you’ve got 20 bucks you can do something.  And of course, if you have more you could do a few weeks at a time. 

My heart is heavy over so many things happening in our world today.  I’m so glad God is in charge and still on the throne!

So . . . here’s a list I think you might get a kick out of.  This is the list you can access yourself at to calculate what you’d need.  Here’s what they suggest my family would need in terms of stockpiled food for a year.

1200 lbs wheat, 198 lbs flour, 198 lbs corn meal, 198 lbs oats, 400 lbs rice, 198 lbs pasta: total of 2392 lbs total grains  *we’re adding popcorn to this list!  A "treat" thing that’s not expensive and keeps well.

240 lbs dry beans, 34 lbs lima beams, 80 lbs soy beans, 34 lbs split peas, 34 lbs lentils, 34 lbs dry soup mix: total of 456 lbs total legumes.  *my family doesn’t really "do" most of these beans, so I’m actually going to focus on kidney beans, pinto beans, the soup mix, and also cans of pork and beans.

32 lbs shortening, 16 gal veg oil, 16 qts mayo, 10 qts salad dressing, 32 lbs peanut butter: total of 202 lbs fats and oils.  * I just read that it’s actually possible to jar real butter, so that may be a necessity for occasional splurges!

480 lbs dry milk, 96 cans evap milk, 102 lbs other dairy: total of 598 lbs dairy

22 lbs honey, 320 lbs sugar (!!!!!), 22 lbs brown sugar, 10 lbs molasses, 22 lbs corn syrup, 22 lbs various jams/jellies, 48 lbs powdered fruit drink, 10 lbs flavored gelatins: total of 476 lbs sugars  *We’ll skip the molasses and add 10 lbs to the honey.  Also, Tang has vitamins so we may focus on that.

10 lbs baking powder, 10 lbs baking soda, 5 lbs yeast, 42 lbs salt, 5 gal vinegar

140 gallons water *Now, that should be interesting!  We may look into a well  10 gal unscented bleach

320 lbs flavored apples, 320 lbs applesauce, 240 lbs banana chips, 280 lbs fruit mixture, 320 lbs fruit juices: total of 1480 lbs. fruit  *I plan to buy various pie fillings for some of these.  I’m assuming banana chips are good because of potassium?  You can find pretty big pkgs of dried fruit at BJs.

240 lbs corn, 240 lbs green beans, 240 lbs peas, 240 lbs carrots, 320 lbs potatoes, 40 lbs onions, 160 lbs tomatoes: total 1480 lbs. vegetables.

This list is pretty similar to what most people will tell you about what to stock.  I just got back from Winn-Dixie and spent $40.01 on specifically stockpile items.  I bought 20 lbs of rice, 10 lbs of sugar, 4 lbs brown sugar, 4 lbs powdered sugar, a huge can of Crisco, 10 lbs flour, and a couple pounds of popcorn- plus some baby diaper rash cream which was clearanced for $1.25.    At least I feel like I’m making a dent!  One of the sites I read suggested you get 5-gal buckets free from your local grocery store in the bakery department–they have pastry filling buckets that can be washed out, and I guess you’d want to buy gamma lids to fit them for long-term storage. has lots of items you can purchase in 5-gallon buckets, as well as the lids.

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