TOS Crew Review: Schleich Action Figures

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It was another happy day at our house when the box from Schleich arrived!!!

If you’ve ever walked into Tractor Supply (yes, I do that on occasion, myself!) and your children have quickly run to a display wall of gorgeous *toys,* they were probably from Schleich!

I have no idea if the pictures do justice to these toys.  They are absolutely beautiful.  Pricey, you may say . . . but I’m pretty sure that unless you hit them with a blowtorch, they’re pretty much indestructible.  They are handpainted (!) plastic, heavyweight, and incredibly detailed.  My kids were thrilled.  Here’s a quote from the website about the company’s philosophy . . .

The design of our products is as realistic and naturalistic as possible. This enables children to experience the large variety of nature – from domestic animals on a farm to wild animals in the jungle.

Next time you’re looking for a great gift, one that really could become an heirloom, consider buying some of these gorgeous animals!  Schleich also carries sets of elves, commercial characters, and knights among other things.  The prices vary depending upon where you purchase them, but you can buy online or at various stores including Target and Tractor Supply.  Look at all the great choices at !

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