TOS Crew Review: Homeschooling ABCs

Have you ever wished there were someone to hold your hand and tell you what to do each step of the way as you begin homeschooling?  I’ll bet many have.  Terri Johnson of Knowledgequest Maps thought so, and she created Homeschooling ABCs.  Designed as a weekly note to your inbox, this program was made to make your transition to homeschooling a little easier.

When you sign up for Homeschooling ABCs, you’re enlisting in school for yourself.  26 weeks of lessons for mom will take you from newbie to knowledgeable without too much pain and pressure.  Now, honestly, I’m not the type to wait 26 weeks to feel like I’ve got a grip on some new thing I’m trying.  I’d want all 26 weeks in my inbox–and I’d want them NOW.  But some people would prefer to do a bit at a time, or even if they want to jump right into homeschooling, they’d like specific advice a bit at a time.  With a monthly pricetag of only $10, many will find the information and hand holding absolutely worth it.

The lessons cover everything from the basics of copywork to how to remove your child from school.  Of course, you would need to check your state’s individual homeschool laws before following the advice given on that specific issue, as you don’t want to cause problems for yourself that you don’t need to have!  Overall; I think if I’d just taken my child out of school, I’d give myself way more than a couple of days to detox, and prioritize getting a philosophy of education before I started them in on copywork. 

Lesson 3 mentions that they will discuss choosing curriculum in lesson 6.  !!!!  While I don’t think it’s necessary to do everything the first week, I sure think you’d want to choose your curriculum more than a month and a half into the process!  I do think it’s great to have scheduling advice and plans as many people are confused by this.  Later lessons cover things like socialization, teaching writing, selling used curriculum, and even organizing high school curricula and records.  Good stuff!

 I’m sure Terri will continue to tweak this set of lessons as she works with moms who are using it.  While her advice is great, there are also innumerable freebies and links that would take you years to find if stumbling upon them one at a time on your own!  Take a look for yourself at this resource which I know will be a help to many who are considering homeschooling . . . a growing number as time goes on!

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