New adventures

In a few weeks, I’ll turn forty.  How do you spell that, anyway?  Whenever I think of that number, I never know whether it should really be forty or fourty.  No, fourty doesn’t look right, LOL!  Okay, so now we’ve learned something!

I used to think 40 was very, very old.  Then, I thought it was pretty old.  Then I thought that perhaps when I turned 40, at least I’d be really mature.  Now I’m about to turn 40, and I know that one’s not true!    I do think I’m much more wise, though, than I used to be at say, 20 and even 30.  No gray hairs yet (and I do get highlights, so perhaps we just won’t notice them, right?) but the diminishing of emotional drama, extra-stupid mistakes, and perfectionism must count for something.

God has been incredibly good to me.  I don’t find myself thinking much about being *older,* though the thought that OTHER PEOPLE will think I’m "old" doesn’t thrill me.  Mostly, I’m noticing that I seem to be longing for change. 

It started when I began decluttering my house over the summer.  When I began picking paint colors and taking things down from the walls, I found myself enjoying empty space much more than ever before.  The absence of visual activity is really pleasing me lately!  I’ve changed the colors of every wall I’ve been able to get my hands on, and have plans for the rest of them, too.  That was fun.  The furniture is almost all in different spots, too.  And since we have a new baby in the house, our school year is much different than last year–Daddy is taking the kids to Classical Conversations on Tuesday mornings while I stay home with the littlest two, and Zachary is attending their Challenge II program which is definitely just that–a challenge!  Bo is still in Brasil for another month and a half, and I am more of a stay at home mom than I’ve been in the past couple of years as I enjoy the newest addition, often during hours I used to attend church services! 

But I’ve also been thinking a lot about having a need to express myself or something.  This blog was neglected for awhile while I occupied myself with the house and getting ready for baby.  Now that it’s fall and he’s here, there’s more time for sitting (and nursing) . . . and thoughts of things to write about are running through my head like crazy.  I have to type one-handed many a time, but I’ve enjoyed pouring out what’s inside once in awhile.  I’ve come across a couple of new opportunities that I’m really excited about; one is writing articles once in awhile for Rosetta Stone’s eNewsletter, and one is doing the same for Heart of the Matter Online .  I just wrote my first article for HOTM, which will come out on October 22nd.  Exciting stuff!

I’m also considering taking a college class or two.  Crazy, hmm?  It’s always been a goal of mine to earn a Doctorate in Theology (there, I said it in public!) and I do believe I’ll do it one day . . . but when to fit it in, LOL?  Well, if I start now I may only be able to manage one or two classes at a time and it will take forever, but at least I’ll be further along than if I don’t ever start.  I am anxious to get that going; it will probably be January before I can actually do it but it will be wonderful to start the process.

We’re so looking forward to having all our chicks back in the nest in a few weeks (don’t tell Bo I called him a "chick"–I did use a "k" in there.)  His absence is quite noticeable and I know his friends are missing him, too!  Rob plans to head to Brasil in a few weeks for a visit, which I’m sorry to say I’m begrudging him since I REALLY want to go, myself.  They’ll have a wonderful time, I’m sure.  What an adventure!

So in the meantime, meals are made, books are read, floors are swept, secrets shared.  We are enjoying life as it is, knowing how quickly things change and how blessed we are to be together day in and out.  Hope your school year has been a wonderful one, so far!

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4 Responses to New adventures

  1. 4sweetums says:

    I too am thinking about taking a class or two in college. Although, I am thinking more along the line of enrichment classes. I hope you are able to work on your goal of a Dr, degree in theology. That is very exciting.



    P.S.~ 40 is not old!

  2. bookworm50 says:

    Forty is not old, I am going to be fifty at the end of the month, now thats getting old. I told my family that some days I feel 55 and others I feel 30, I think its all in the mind. Misty, I told Stephanie if their is any younger woman that she wanted to look up to and aspire to be like it should be you. She desires to be a wife and mother and I couldnt imagine anyone doing a better job than you.

  3. Shawne says:

    Ask me how I know! I still dream of starting a different career when my homeschooling days are over in another 14 years or so. I'll be 62, is that too old to become a nurse?? Or maybe I'll have a whole new interest by then – there may even be new careers that don't even exist yet.

  4. Nurs4jc says:

    I really enjoyed the article you wrote for Heart of the Matter. I'm reflecting on "being 30" as your reflecting over "being 40." Isn't it amazing? To me what is amazing is that I somehow have made it through my 20's. Dear God, what was I thinking? I'm so thankful for HIS goodness and mercy…did I mention mercy?! It was great to find your blog too. I'm also in "new baby season" and greatly look forward to the next one as well. God bless you and your Godly bunch!


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