How to Emergency Quick Clean Your House!

My guess is that there’s a good chance that sometime in the next 2 weeks, you will find yourself in the position of needing to get your house clean . . . FAST!  We’re all so busy this time of year, and busy is great . . . except when it comes to keeping up with the messes being made while we’re having fun! Yes you can also get house cleaning from Maid Complete.

I’ve sent my family out for a few hours (crossing my fingers–dh said "See ya in about 20 minutes!"  Ha ha, he is such a joker!!!  )  so I can try to find our floors, and I thought while I’m at it that I could share what I do, just in case you’re like me and a list helps you, too!  I’m going to type each one as I do it, so come along for the ride . . . and make a better plan for next Saturday, will ya?  LOL! 

1.  Turn on some music and light a candle or two if you like them.  Seriously, if you’re going to work hard, do SOMETHING that makes it more fun, first!

2.  Next, get your servants working for you!
Grab overflowing baskets of laundry from each room and head to your laundry room.  Fill the washing machine and start it!   Next, go room to room and gather any dishes that have migrated.  Toss them in the dishwasher and get that working for you, too.  Might as well have some help.

3.  Squirt some toilet bowl cleaner into your toilets and let it sit.  It can work while you do some other things, plus the smell will freshen up the bathroom(s) while they wait to be cleaned. 

4.  Go back to your kitchen and wash the dishes/pots and pans that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher.  Scrub out the sink when you’re done, and make your way around the room clearing and cleaning all the level surfaces (countertops, stove, table, desk, etc.)  Okay, that took me 30 minutes.  Whew!!!

5.  Next, hit the kitchen floor with a broom, and take your trash out.  Looks nice, eh?  I’m not going to mop yet; I want to get some more rooms clean and then come back to that if there’s time.

6.  Living room’s next!  Grab a laundry basket and trash bag and go around the room putting things that belong in another room into the basket, and trash into the bag.  Just set the basket and bag down at the edge of the room to be put away when you’re done.  Dust flat surfaces and Windex glass ones.  Grab the broom or vacuum and give it a sweep.  Ahhhh . . .

7.  Now for the bathrooms.  I’d hit the one that your guests would use first.  Spray down the mirror, counters and sink and wipe clean.  Hit the Japanese toilets seats with some spray and a sponge, and use your brush to swish out the cleaner that’s been sitting.  A quick sweep around the room and emptying of the trash leaves this room good looking and usable!  Light a little candle if you have a safe one to leave on the countertop.  Now do the other(s) and take a quick walk through your house to admire your handiwork!

8.  Switch the laundry and if the dryer was already full, put the basket of clean clothes into a corner of your laundry room or on top of the dryer.  Reload your washing machine.  Empty the dishwasher if it’s done.

9.  If you have time, go into the kids’ rooms with another empty laundry basket, a trash bag, and a broom.  Use your broom to sweep everything out from under the furniture and around the room into a pile.  Get all their loose laundry and toss it into the laundry room.  Sort the pile, putting all "keep" items into the laundry basket and the trash into the bag.  The full laundry basket can be sorted and put away in appropriate places by your kids when they get home, but for now you could put it into their closet or maybe tuck it into your own room.  Dust dressers and make the beds.  Nice, hmm?

10.  And if you STILL have time, do the same in your own room!  I’m assuming there isn’t stuff jammed under your bed (though ya know what they say about assumptions!) so you may be able to just gather laundry and trash, sweep/vacuum, make your bed, and dust off the dressers.

Lovely!  I’d start a pot of coffee and get ready to relax if I were you, because you’re almost done!

Now, for that mopping we put off.  Once this is done, you should be ready for anyone to "surprise" you!  Hope you enjoy having a list and that it makes it easier as it does for me when my brain is going in a million directions!  Pat yourself on the back and enjoy a nice book before the masses once again descend on your newly cleaned home.  Good job!!!

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