2 New Favorite Recipes for this year! Cinnamon Rolls and Peppermint Marshmallows!

So, the truth is, I don’t even like marshmallows.  But I do like peppermint, and I heard these were good in hot chocolate (another love of mine.)  So I had to try them . . . oh dear.  They taste like clouds . . . of happiness . . . peppermint happiness, to be exact . . .  

Peppermint Marshmallows

Every year we have cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning.  I love cinnamon rolls, and have tried multiple recipes over the years.  All are good, but none have been perfect . . . drumroll please . . . until now!!!  The best thing is, besides the fact that it’s a *simple* recipe, it makes 7 pans of rolls–enough to share with your friends.  Give it a try–you’ll win friends and influence people for sure!

PioneerWoman Cinnamon Rolls

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