But what if they *don’t* . . . part 2!

Wow, apparently it takes 2 weeks for my house to quiet down enough to finish a blog post!  Explains a lot about why this is a ghost town, lately!  Please know how much I appreciate those of you who pop in here regularly . . . and continue to do so even when I’m mute.  I promise I think about blogging often, but, alas, the noise . . .

Okay, so we were talking about dancing vegetables.

Nebuchadnezzar loves the idea of people bowing down to him.  But he’s been king long enough to realize that making a law isn’t necessarily a guarantee that said law will be followed.

I wonder if we’re as wise as he, as homeschool moms.

   We work hard.  We put personal dreams/goals/desires on hold while we prioritize our kids, and we do it joyously because having a strong, loving, God-honoring family has become our dream/goal/desire, anyway–and that’s as it should be.  We pour into them; we pray, and work, and teach, and disciple, and pray, and teach, and work, and disciple, for years and years.  Because we love them.  Because we desire to do what we believe God’s called us to do. 

   There are also some reasons in our hearts that we may not truly even know we’re harboring.  We work so hard because we believe a+b=c.  We have read the books, and listened to the speakers, and believe that if only we work hard enough at homeschooling and all that entails, our kids will be . . . well, we know better than to expect perfect.  But they’ll at least be good.  They’ll embrace our convictions.  They’ll understand our rules and follow them joyfully.  They’ll rise up and call us blessed.

"But, what if they don’t?"

     What happens when things go wrong?  What happens when the math book is lost and the portfolios are due tomorrow, or when the house persists in looking like the before pictures for some wacky reality show, or the baby eats someone’s homework?  Ya good so far?  Okay, how about when the standardized test results come back as less than stellar, or your child spends two years trying to "get" the need for punctuation at the end of a sentence, or some lame-brained youth leader tells your child they’re somehow less than everyone else because they’re homeschooled–and they believe him?  Still with us?  What about when your kids’ friends start dropping like flies–to alcohol, or to se*ual experimentation, or to lying, or to self-destructive behaviors?  What if those are his homeschooled friends?

   What if your child joins them?

    Here’s where conviction kicks in.  When a+b does NOT equal c, because human beings aren’t as simple as integers.  When you’ve done all you thought you needed to do, and it looks like it didn’t work.  The time to think all this through is before it happens, because when the temptation comes to throw in the towel, it will come in like a flood, and your anchor must be sure. 

   If you are homeschoooling for a guaranteed result, it might be a good idea to spend some time in prayer about that.  Because there are no guarantees but one: if you are homeschooling–educating and discipling and training your children at home– because God told you to, then when you stand before Him, you can say "I educated and discipled and trained my children at home, because You told me to."  And He will say, "Well done, My good and faithful servant."

   And that will be enough.

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One Response to But what if they *don’t* . . . part 2!

  1. VWebber says:

    This speaks to my heart Misty. I have to remind myself that I have done what I was called to do to the best of my ability at the time. I often want to question why didn't I do such 'n such. Or I should have been better at X. We can and do teach them with all that we have and it is up to them to make their choices like we had to make ours. If they don't choose the path we had hoped they would, it breaks our hearts. I just have to keep praying and believing.

    Thanks for posting.

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