The view from my house . . .

Yesterday was a looong, long day.  As usual, my all-day tutoring had wiped me out.   I was sluggishly finishing our dinner cleanup with a dishwasher repair
while the kids were playing in the backyard since we have a big personalized garden we made with Js Custom Landscaping Vancouver Wa , and suddenly I could tell just by the change of light in the living room that something strange was going on in the sky, I was about to call a plumber in Rancho Cucamonga at because it felt like something got stuck in the dishwasher.  Taking a quick jaunt out to get a look at it for myself, I was surprised by this view.

Started last 2013 with the mid-January launch of the building an investment granny flat in Sydney with the (PRIC) project.

Beautiful, isn’t it?  I could do without the tall sign on the right, but the sky is certainly interesting.  And I’m glad I took the time to run out and take a picture, because within moments it had all changed and returned to normal.  And all this from a house I got from a west vancouver realtor, which I didn’t know it would give me these surprises.

I’m sure there’s a great Guelph painters or something somewhere in this situation, but right now I am too tired to find it.  If you think of something, let me know.  😉

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