Roots and fruit

Homeschooling is not a task for the fainthearted.

Nor is it a task for the weak-armed.  Stopping in the hallway yesterday afternoon for a chat with another mom, I expressed my frustration at being unable to ever complete it all, or to feel as if everyone in my house has ever had “enough” of me.  While my convictions about homeschooling are strong, sometimes I lament with Jesus, “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  From midnight study sessions to nursing through illnesses, my life with my large family takes all I have–and quite more often than I’d care to admit, much that I *don’t* have.

That’s why once in awhile, God lets me see a bit of fruit.

My eldest is an incredibly smart, talented, independent young man who’s recently made the transition to college.  As I think back on the past few years of life with him, there are many days of frustration and nights of anguish in my mom-memory. We argued over assignments and bedtimes and music and chores, like everyone else.  His high school graduation day was a wonderful day of  celebration and a sense of completion for both of us, and it’s been great to see him own the next step and move on with God’s current call on his life at Southeastern University as a missions major.  Believe me, there were days I didn’t know if that would ever happen.  We have a lot in common (ssshhh!) and have a tendency to butt heads.  I heard a lot of, “Mom!  No one else in the world eats every meal together at the table!  We are weird!” and saw lots of head-shaking and eye-rolling (I have no idea where he learned that!) at pronouncements about our family standards, which once were declared to be “about as high as the Eiffel Tower!”

So what I’m about to share with you (with my dear son’s permission, of course!) was like streams of water to a desert. 

It’s his first college writing assignment. Which he completed.  Early.  For an A.

 It’s what his heart had to say about his life at home, after he’d headed out on his own. 

It’s what we tried to put in there all along.

Enjoy, and know there is hope!  :-)

I am from…

I am from the land of the patriots, the home of the puritans, and the frontier of snow and ice,

I am from Misty and Rob, from a long line of Krasawski, from boston, from barefoot summers and freezing winters.

I am from the land of tumbleweeds and oil fields.

I am from the desert, from Texas, the territory of the oilers and the cowboys, from riding my bike down steep hills and steamy summer days spent swimming in the lakes.

I am from a family of christ-followers, from a tribe of ten, a unified fortress of numbers and names.

I am a world changer, I am from the land of awe and beauty, from the birthplace of my inspiration, the Country of my calling,

I am from incredible experiences and unforgettable memories.

I am from the world outside my world… the place I feel most at home is not my home.

I am from the outside, the un-usual, the path less traveled.

I am from a family of inspiration, of nightly family dinners, of deep conversation and love.

I’m from a convertible mustang, 3 flights to and from Brazil, and 4 trips down the amazon by boat.

I’m from passion, music, and self expression.

I’m from the thrill of travel, the excitement of the chase, the awe of unforeseen beauty.

I’m from my God, who gives me more than I could ever imagine or need.

I’m a zealot and a revolutionary, a lover, yet a fighter.

I will change the world, one small step at a time, until everyone I know is burning for my creator and best friend, who sends me onward to new, exciting and captivating adventures of discovery and beauty every day.


Prov. 12:12 “the root of the righteous yields fruit.” 

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2 Responses to Roots and fruit

  1. Gan says:

    That is one of the most well-written, eloquent, poignant and surreal pieces of literary art I’ve read in a very long time. Thank you, Bo…and thank you, Mist for being willing to plow the road less traveled for those of us behind you. MANY awards await you…

    • You didn’t really need to make me cry *again,* Gan! :-) LOL! I thought it was pretty beautiful, myself. Had to make sure I put it out in cyberspace so I could come back and read it when the going gets tough. Those are very kind words, sweet friend; thank you!

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