So . . . what do you do when your kids are getting grumpy at each other, and you’re feeling grumpy right back?  Here’s something we like to try at our house . . .

   Tea Time!

     I’d like to propose that a little tea never hurt anyone, and often does much more good than one might ask or expect.  There’s something about the very idea of tea that seems to bring about a little automatic civility in my house.  So how do you do it?  Well, there are lots of great teas out there.  If you’re new to tea drinking, I’d suggest a lovely box of Constant Comment, which is my personal favorite (though it’s being given a run for it’s money lately by a competitor I’ve recently discovered– Earl Grey.)  You don’t really need anything fancy to “do tea,” though a nice teapot and china cups make it much more lovely.  Just heat some water, and tell the children it’s time for something special.  Find a recipe for homemade scones and jam, pick up some pastries at the grocery store, or break out a package of Chips Ahoy–you just need *something* yummy to serve alongside your warm treat.  And if you *hate* tea (perish the thought!) first of all see suggestion one and try Constant Comment, which is a wonderful blend of black tea and orange spices . . . mmmm . . . OR go ahead and warm up some apple cider or hot chocolate!  If possible, set out some pretty cups or mugs.  If not, grab the styrofoam!  Put on a classical music cd, or if yours are all scratched up from getting inadvertently shoved under the couch like mine, type in www.pandora.com and search for Tchaikovsky.  Pouring hot water over little tea bags in pretty cups makes for lovely scents and “ooohs and aaaahs,” especially the first time.  Let the tea sit a few minutes (steeping), take the tea bags out and toss them, and add a bit of sugar or honey and cream to your tea, an ice cube or two for the children’s drinks, and watch the atmosphere in your house change like magic. 

    This is especially enjoyable, I think, during the fall and winter seasons when we’re all up for a bit of “cozying in.”  And it does wonders for frayed nerves . . . both young and old.  I hope your children will enjoy your teatime as much as my own do!

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8 Responses to Teatime!

  1. Gan says:

    Here! Here! Someone asked us if we are Brittish…
    Earl Grey and a spot of cream….mmmmhmmm :)

    • admin says:

      I think I’m more of a spot of tea and a cup of cream person sometimes, LOL! Yes, we need to find some time to be British together one of these days! 😉

  2. What a good grumpy mom you are!!! I think I might fix myself tea and lock myself in my room! : ) Love the new pics on your blog! ANd thanks for the RSS….I just subscribed!

    • admin says:

      Hey, Melissa, locking yourself in your room might be just what the doctor ordered . . . just long enough to drink a lovely cup of tea, of course! And I’m so glad the RSS is working. Trying to figure it all out as I go along! 😉

  3. Kristen says:

    I really love this post, Misty. Well shared and a good example to all of us moms who get grumpy house days. Blessings, Kristen.

  4. kristen says:

    Is that an Old Country Roses teapot and tea cups?? So beautiful. My girls and I love tea parties, this is a great reminder. I read your “I Corinithians 13 for homeschool moms”–such a blessing by the way— in the CHEC homeschool update I receive (christian home educators of colorado) and then I looked up your blog from there. I posted your I Cor 13 on my facebook :) along with your blog address… so I hope you don’t mind!

  5. admin says:

    It *is* Old Country Roses! Cliche for china, I know, but just the prettiest out there, in my book. My little girls have a collection of their own for when they someday leave the house (said collection is sometimes added to and sometimes subtracted from–PSA, don’t put them on shelves in your girls’ rooms if those walls are prone to shaking!) and I love them because they’re pink and yellow–the girls’ assigned colors. 😉 Thanks for sharing my blog with your readers–I never mind sharing!!!

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