An Interview with Sally Clarkson

Sally was kind enough to do an interview with me for HeartoftheMatterOnline recently, and it’s just gone “live” today!  I thought I’d give you a teaser, and then a link to the whole thing.  If you’re a mom, you should make one of these conferences a yearly tradition!  Your Mom Heart Matters–it’s such a true statement, and the focus of the conference this year.  Drive or fly to the one nearest you–and if you’re coming to Raleigh, NC, come find me and say hello!

Many years ago I was encouraged by a friend to attend a conference in Dallas hosted by the Clarkson family. My own family was in what felt like the 39th month of our school year at the time. Cold winter winds were howling (I know, it was Texas, so perhaps it wasn’t all THAT bad, but it was February so we felt cold, all right?) and the dreaded mid-winter slump had set in. While I’d never been able to attend in the past, I’d been hearing tales of Sally and her encouraging, rejuvenating conferences for several years. Giddily, a friend and I hopped into her car and headed north on our two hour trip.

What we found there was pure bliss for moms. A lovely hotel. Children waiting at the door to take our bags to our room for us (they were Sally’s children and those of her friends who were there to serve us, not the Dickensian type, so it was okay.) Cookies and tea in the lobby. A book table loaded with life-affirming, godly books we could purchase and bring home. An entire nights’ sleep with no elbow in my ribs. Sitting down in the lovely ballroom brought us to the best surprise of all, however . . . Sally herself.

Focusing on the joys, pitfalls, challenges and blessings particular to moms, she brought tears to my eyes and strength to my heart as she exhorted us to continue keeping our children a high priority in our lives, to hold up the banner of Biblical mothering, and to allow God to strengthen us in our work.

I’d never heard anything like it, but it rang true with all that was in my own heart. I went home two days later with a full notebook and a full heart. And here’s how I knew it was really good . . . unlike most conferences, which had me dragging my feet on the way home, when this special time ended, I was in a hurry to get there. I wanted to see my husband and children; to hug their necks and pour them some tea and read them some books and . . . and . . . and . . . My mom-heart had truly been rejuvenated.

Read the rest at the link below!

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