My New Favorite Homemaking Quote

I’m reading through a WONDERFUL book right now which I recommend very highly: Large Family Logistics by Kim Brennemen.  I used to visit Kim’s blog years ago and have numerous printouts of various scheduling helps she created back then which I still use today, and recently was thrilled to discover that the blog has become a quite encyclopedic book which I’m sure will remain close at hand for some time!  Anyway, as I was enjoying it today, I read one of the best quotes I’ve ever seen about homemaking, and just had to share it here with you…

Home is the true wife’s kingdom.  There, first of all places, she must be strong and beautiful.  She may touch life outside in many ways, if she can do it without slighting the duties that are hers within her own doors.  But if any calls for her service must be declined, they should not be the duties of her home.  These are hers, and no other one’s.  Very largely does the wife hold in her hands, as a sacred trust, the happiness and the highest good of the hearts that nestle there.

~J.R. Miller, Secrets of a Happy Home Life

I think I need to make it into a cross-stitch sampler.

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