“He knows . . .” 1,000 Gifts

“He knows the way I take…” Job 23:10

What a comforting thought.  No, comforting isn’t really a strong enough word, is it?  The idea that the Lord knows the way I take when it is all darkness and cloud and hyieroglyphics to me is WONDERFUL in the truest sense of that word.

(We need to pay more attention to the words we throw around.  But that’s an entire ‘nother post.)

As L.B. Cowman says…

The furnace is hot, but not only can we trust the hand that kindles it, but we have the assurance that the fires are lighted not to consume, but to refine; and that when the refining process is completed (no sooner–no later) He brings His people forth as gold.”

Aaaaahhhhhh . . .

More of my 1000 Gifts List (read more about it at the link below!)

66. Birds twittering on the back porch

67. French Vanilla creamer.  Reduntant, I know, but true.

68. My blonde baby, booger-y nose and all

69. Onesies, and whoever invented them

70.  The sound of rain and thunder

71. A roof over my head

72. The delay-start option on my washing machine

73. Sale on boneless, skinless chicken

74.  Valentines decorations so my house doesn’t feel so naked after Christmas

75. 90% off Christmas stuff at Hobby Lobby, and consequently…

76. My first-ever stocking holders

77. 4 Christmas presents for next year bought, wrapped, and hidden under my bed

78. A husband who (usually) doesn’t mind a crabby baby crawling all over him at night

79. All my children under one roof . . . for awhile longer

80. A plan for the school day

81. Bookshelves overflowing

82. A Father Who knows the way I take

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2 Responses to “He knows . . .” 1,000 Gifts

  1. Mary says:

    What a beautiful list! I loved visiting your blog today!

  2. Melanie says:

    Beautiful! I feel continually in awe of His goodness to me.

    You have a lovely blog! I love the colors!

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