Halt! Be Still!


My latest article just came out today at HeartoftheMatterOnline.  Here’s a teaser!

“A great and strong wind … and after the wind an earthquake … and after the earthquake a fire … and after the fire a sound of gentle blowing …” I Kings 19:11-12

As I write this article the day after Christmas, I can relate to Elijah in the cave. It seems there have been plenty of winds and earthquakes and fires around here this year, and of course the holiday season brought its usual share plus a few extra thrown in for good measure. Sitting next to my tree in the quiet this morning with a cup of coffee, I look at this scripture and find … I can just barely hear it. If I just stop and listen for a moment, the “sound of gentle blowing” is in the background.

How I want to hear Him in the stillness!

We moved to Florida about ten years ago now. Coming from the edge of the desert in Texas, where strong winds brought dust storms and gentle blowing felt like a hair dryer, the many lakes, rivers and palm trees were a delightful and welcome respite. My children love to play in the ocean and I’m a big fan of the beach. A couple of years into it, though, I started noticing something missing. It took me awhile to put my finger on it, and then one day I realized what it seemed to be…


You can read the rest here at  http://heartofthematteronline.com/halt-be-still .  I pray you’ll hear the whisper today!

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