Thoughtful Thursday . . . Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review!

Thoughtful Thursdays are for reviews new and old of things we’re reading/studying/playing with/experiencing around here!  Hope this is a help to you.

The Old Schoolhouse is once again ahead of the pack in the technology arena.  Who said that all homeschool moms were in curlers and denim jumpers, endlessly baking bread with all eleven of their children standing around them, with nary a thought of the latest advances?  Not so these brave women (and men, I’m sure!) who have launched out into the deep to bring you a computer-based copy of your favorite magazine!

As a dedicated bibliophile, I have hesitated to embark into e-book land.  I will admit to downloading a few things here and there, but I’m pretty attached to the idea of an in-hand copy of most things I read, so I usually end up printing things out (and that, of course, is perfectly okay!)  I did see a gadget on tv a few weeks ago which caught my attention (though I do have seven precious younglings here and I *do* even sometimes bake my own bread, I enjoy a tv show here and there as much as most)  It was a handheld . . . thingamajiggy which you can apparently download books onto and then carry along with you.  As one of my most favorite things to do during a quiet rest-time is to sit in the front yard with a cup of hot tea, some cookies and the latest crafting, home decor or homeschool magazine, I was dubious as to my enjoyment of this new medium.  However, I’ve changed my opinion (amazing day!) after perusing this resource.  Let me tell you why!

The first “page” of the digital magazine is an explanation of how to use it most effectively.  This is extremely simple to use.  It allows you to zoom in for a closer look–something I’ve often wanted to do and couldn’t with my print copies of the magazine.  It lets you personalize the pages by making them any size you like–easier to read!  It has a fabulous search option which lets you locate ideas you’re looking for within articles by topic–a great trick for those of us who can’t always remember where it was we read that great bit of information.  A tab for links gives you a list of all the links in the entire magazine or on a particular page–a great resource! 

When you’re ready to read, the setup is such that it seems you’re actually flipping the pages.  Then, the table of contents which lists the pages where you can find each articles is clickable, allowing you to go right to the article you’re looking for.  The list of advertisers is also clickable, taking you straight to the page their ad is on so you can get more information.  Within the articles themselves, each link is clickable. . . remember all the times you’ve read something and said, “Oh, I want to check that out later!” and then forgotten to ever do it?  Well, this resource makes it much simpler for us all to actually follow through on finding that great information, as one click takes you straight to the source! 

Some other great reasons to buy this product:

*The digital edition is currently only $12.95, which is 48% less than their U.S. print subscription price and an even better deal for those of you outside the U.S. 

*No waiting!  As soon as the magazine is ready, it’s in your inbox–no waiting for the mail to arrive! Great for us impatient types!

*You can keep the copies online right on your computer.  So if you have one of those friends who borrows magazines and isn’t so great at returning them, no problem!

While I’ll probably always be a hold-it-in-my-hands type of reader, I definitely want to have this resource available to me for all these reasons and more.  So what’s the best plan?  Get both the print version *and* the digital one!  That way, if you spill your tea/coffee/hot chocolate on your print copy, you’ll still have this one all pristine and zoomable and printable, right at your fingertips!  (I can’t help you if you spill it on your computer.)

This is a great magazine, one I recommend to everyone I know.  And the digital version has an additional benefit: immediacy!  Check it out at .

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2 Responses to Thoughtful Thursday . . . Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review!

  1. Julie Nott says:

    Thank you so much for this glowing review of our digital magazine! We appreciate you giving it your time and attention. It is a wonderful alternative for our international homeschoolers! We will be doing a promotion soon for our digital subscriptions. May we have your permission to use parts of this review in our marketing materials?


    Julie Nott
    Senior Marketing Manager
    The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

    • admin says:

      Julie, I really love the magazine–in both versions. Feel free to use whatever you’d like from the review! Blessings ~Misty

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