Extreme Makeover- Home Edition…and my gifts list

So, yesterday was an interesting day!

Our family has been watching EMH for many years.  Though it always makes me reach for the tissues and claim I’ve been chopping onions (from the couch . . . not sure how that works) I love that we can all enjoy it, from big people down to littles, which is more than I can say for 99.9% of programming out there.  Now let me back up a bit.  A little over a year ago, our pastor announced that he believed God wanted our church to pitch in, raise some money, do some volunteering, and build a home for a needy family in our community.  Committees were formed, a companion maids was chosen, and the house was finished and happily moved into–though it was probably much more work than anyone expected!  It was a pretty exciting time.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, when there began to be rumors.  A family in our town, a single mom who coaches volleyball at the high school, with three girls she’d taken in when their parents passed away, living in a trailer with some issues–rooms without heat, repairs un-done, etc., had been told they were being considered for Extreme Makeover.  And the kicker?  They attend our church.  Pastor Alan said he couldn’t help but think that the Lord was saying, “Okay, you built a house for Me, now I’m going to build a house for *you!*”

And, surprise, surprise, last Wednesday Ty Pennington was spotted wandering the halls of the local highschool, causing screaming and chaos to ensue as students caught a glimpse of him and hurried out of classrooms to see what was going on!  The family is currently in New York City and will return tomorrow.  They’re doing interviews this week at our church. Here’s my pastor with Ty . . . don’t they look like brothers???

Since my husband has done some work for the wonderful builders in charge of the overall “build,” he was called in overnight on Sunday to help with the kitchen cabinet installation–and I do mean overnight, as in he was there from midnight until 11:30 the next day!  And yesterday was finally my turn.  Arriving at the site in my very fashionable blue volunteer shirt, I was quickly grabbed by a lady who had probably been there several hours herself and was in need of a break and led to what would be my post for the next several hours: Master Bedroom, Bedroom 1, and the hallway.  My assigned tool?  A broom and dustpan.  My mission? 

To keep the dirt, plastic wrappers, wire bits, cardboard boxes, and water bottles being discarded onto said floor by the hundreds of construction volunteers working in those three areas from making those rooms unnavigable.  (It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it. And thanks to Aqua Shield, the task become easier to do than before.)  So from 2:30 til about 6 I did … well, pretty much what I do at home much of the day, haha! 

Now, “Extreme” is a great word for what really happens on these builds.  People are jamming the halls, bustling past people on ladders and under ladders, pulling wires from the walls, setting up giant heaters to dry for wallpaper, hauling water heaters here and there . . . it’s like a beehive!  And outside there are just as many people as inside–roofing, digging out landscape areas, setting fence–amazing. And the only thing that I have been doing is looking for the top rated heating repair companies because I want a REPAIR not a replacement.

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At 6:00, seeing a lull in the action in my area, I was about to put the broom in a corner and head outside for a breath of air when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said something about my job being pretty neverending.  We laughed, and then she said, “You want to come do some filming?  I’ve been looking for people who have been really working, not just standing around hoping to get on camera…”  “Ummmm, sure!” I answered, having no idea what was coming up next.  So she led me outside, where one of the producers told a small group of us that she wanted to do a spa shot, where we’d be sitting around one of the rooms in towels, turbans made from extra volunteer shirts, robes and green facial masks, while Jillian and Tracy were lounging in the (empty) Jacuzzi discussing how smart they were to be hiding from the guys.

I was finally able to wash the mask off when we shot the final take . . . TWO HOURS later, LOL!  Hollywood is not all glamour, let me tell ya.  We even had to wash our masks off in a tiny RV bathroom with cold water and paper towels.  I’m pretty sure my face is going to be red for the rest of the week!  But hey, as my mother used to say, you have to suffer to be beautiful. OR on TV!  :-)  When the show airs on Mother’s Day, that spot probably won’t even be in it.  But it was sure a lot of fun to shoot!

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So here’s what I’m thankful for this week . . .

124.  While it would be fabulous to have a huge, well-designed home for free, we don’t NEED an Extreme Home Makeover.

125.  My wonderful church and the great service we had Sunday morning

126.   Hundreds of people volunteering to do something good.  There is hope.

127.  My eldest back at college and enjoying it

128.  The stomach bug WENT AWAY!

129.  Lovely 70 degree weather

130.  Older children who step up and babysit

131.  Little girls who can now make brownies all by themselves!

132.  My Classical Conversations family.  What a nice group we have.

133.  Dear old friends who encourage just when I need it

134.  The teens in my class, who are going to have a great day today!

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  1. Hi, I found your blog through the A Holy Experience blog and so glad I did. Wow, sounds like the family in your town is going to have a great surprise when they return to their made over house. That show always amazes me, especially when the community comes together for the good of a family. I also loved all the blessings you are thankful for. I wish you a beautiful day full of even more blessings.

    • admin says:

      Angie, you’re so sweet! They are very excited about the house. It was wonderful to get to be part of something that you know God has orchestrated as a blessing that’s so life-changing! Thank you so much for your kind wishes. I hope your own list is growing by leaps and bounds!

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