inCourage Book Club–One Thousand Gifts Chapter One!

So . . . I apologize for not being “around” here much last week . . . but you see, I’ve been reading.

Oh. my. stars.

Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. If it’s not on your bookshelf, get thee to the bookstore and pay whatever amount they want for it there. If it’s gone (and it probably is) and you’re going to be forced to wait, then hurry up and order it from, who had it on sale for about $9.99 last time I looked, or Barnes and Noble, or Christian Book Distributors or whatever. Wait outside for your ups man and hug him when he hands you the package. And then hole up with a cup of tea, a box of tissues, and a pen, and prepare to have your soul sculpted by a true wordcraftswoman who has wrestled with God . . . lived to tell the tale . . . learned from it . . . and has much to teach us all.

As I read this book the past few days, I found it was one of those books I couldn’t just gulp down. Too many words seared in the throat, made me put it down and cry out to God–“Really? Is that it? Is that the reason You do this, and don’t do that, and why I hurt so much when I don’t need to? Is this really the way I stop time, stop rushing through days, stop the constant questioning?” Ann processes like I do: a Scripture here, a life experience there, a relationship struggle or blessing here, a famous quotation there . . . God leads her from grace to grace. And the result is captivating and challenging and truthful.

I woke up yesterday counting gifts. Counting blessings from His hand, instead of issues I was stressed over. I truly believe this book has changed my life. I hope it will change yours, too!

(in)Courage is a lovely website hosting an online book club which is featuring Ann’s book for the next two months! The plan is to share a video clip of Ann herself and the girls from (in)Courage discussing one chapter each Sunday and Wednesday. Here’s today’s
video, if you’d like to watch . . . warning: it won’t make sense unless you’ve read the book.

So go get it. Now. 😉

One Thousand Gifts: Chapter One from Bloom (in)courage on Vimeo.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Ack. My book is on its way, but I think it’s being held up by the winter storm we had this week. I hope to have it in my hands tomorrow. I can’t wait to read this!

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