1,000 Gifts . . . Otherwise Known As, How High Can I Count?

Counting God’s gifts–His grace to me–His love notes . . . it’s changing my life.  I’m so grateful.  I’m seeing the truth . . . though there are difficulties, though there are trials, though there is ugliness and pain in the world . . . every second is full to bursting with His grace and beauty and messages of love if I just look for them.  And the more I look, the easier they are to see, and looking brings life into correct focus and slows down time.  It’s an amazing thing.

(Rats–why won’t my editing features let me start at 135??)

135. warm chocolate chip cookies

136.  cold milk

137.  oven lights.  Don’t know why, but they make me happy

138.  scented soap

139.  bedroom windows facing east, welcoming sunrise

140.  big brothers able to give little brothers a bath

141.  preteens asking, “Mom, what should I read next?”

142.  kind words from observers of my class

143.  itunes

144.  rain on the roof

145.  seedlings almost bumping their heads on the growlight

146.  raised garden beds full to the brim with new dirt

147.  seeds–tiny bits of hope

148.  friends who love me

149.  one who picked up for me an extra copy of a certain book I’m very anxious to read

150.  living on a paved road

151.  I serve the “God of hope” (Rom. 15:13)

152.  fog in the trees, offering the illusion of a snowy day

153.  plastic horses on back porch ready to gallop my girls wherever they dream of going

154.  husband’s hand on my back, source of heat on cold nights

155.  Tinkerbell winking at me from my coffee mug

156.  tiny pink “Christmas” lights repurposed for the season of love

157.  fuzzy slipper-socks, the epitome of comfort

158.  the God who gave someone the idea for every man-made thing on this list

159.  baby in his Christmas jammies, patting my cheek in the morning

160.  pink snow-hats, perfect addition to jammies at the breakfast table

161.  toddler’s endless “why?”, stock response to every statement of fact

162.  realizing there couldn’t possibly be enough paper to count every gift

163.  waking up counting!

164.  every petal on the daisy says, “He loves me!”

165.  cursive’s beautiful curves and flourishes

166.  waking and realizing it’s Saturday!

167.  truly learning with my children as we homeschool

168.  world feeling more comfortable and welcoming as I count gifts

169.  dirt on the floors (people live here!)

170.  books jumbled on shelves (people learn here!)

171.  classical music wafting from little girls’ room

172.  loud hammering (projects getting done!)

173.  Josiah

174.  Bo

175.  Zach

176.  Rob!

177.  Victoria

178.  Levi

179.  Savannah

180.  Micah

181.  Nicholas (these are purposefully jumbled and in no particular order!  :-)  )

182.  baked French toast, ready for the oven on a lazy Saturday

183.  sharp pencils

184.  light and warmth from Florida sky

185.  revelation given to another shared, changing *me!*

186.  worry replaced with gratitude

187.  enough!

188.  abundance!

189.  grace!

190.  filling two pages in ten minutes!

191.  He loves us!

192.  leaves greening

193.  rain, rain, rain (more green on the way!)

194.  waking up

195.  gallons of coffee creamer in the fridge

196.  options

197.  time to get to know someone I’ve been wanting to get to know

198.  redemption through His blood

199.  the forgiveness of our trespasses

200.  the riches of His grace, which He lavished on us

201.  the Holy Spirit of promise

202.  learning so much at 41 that I can’t wait to be 80

203.  piles of laundry (we have clothes!)

204.  laundry machines

205.  Tide

206.  unfinished work in the school planner (more to learn!)

207.  unanswered text messages (something to look forward to!)

208.  cool Ranch on hot chicken wings

209.  tiny, tiny leaves you can only see when the dirt is wet

210.  Yankee Candles

211.  baby boy falling asleep in his own room for the first time–hooray!

212.  baby boy waking, crying for daddy the second I finished writing the sentence (he loves him!)

213.  kind teachers at church who love on my kids

214.  To write the love of heaven above would drain the oceans dry

215.  Nor could the scroll contain the whole, though stretched from sky to sky

Read more about 1,000 Gifts–and other ladies’ lists!  Here

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6 Responses to 1,000 Gifts . . . Otherwise Known As, How High Can I Count?

  1. Mom says:

    Now, that list is just wonderful!

  2. wow, what a list! This book has been fantastic – I cannot wait to start my list!

    • admin says:

      Shirley, thanks! It is amazing, isn’t it? And hey–if you go to Ann’s website, she’s got free, printable, *cute* sheets to use for your list!!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    What a wonderful list. We live on a gravel road… so I understand the gift of a paved road! lol I love sharp pencils. I enjoyed your list. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Just found you through 1000 Gifts. I think I need to join in. I’ve been feeling just…. Fill in the blank. I need to focus on the blessings in the midst of the noise of my little blessings.

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