The List that Keeps Growing . . . He (Still!) Loves Me

amazing sunset of purple and orange *friend offering grace *friend offering support *friend offering dinner *naked baby booty *day off school! *long drives *God showing off–surprise! *finding new places to explore

*kids joyfully exploring together

*turtles *salad from my garden

*rain on the roof *tater tot casserole *clouds in shades of gray *chill in the air *cozy robe *vanilla candle *flame *truth *sacrifice (more truth) *insight (thank You!) *universal truth *bedrock *dark dirt (fertile!) *time *carillon tower playing beautiful music in the woods *Suwanee River *cozy cabin *wood ceilings *snuggling kids

*pile of new socks *s’mores *still-shiny fingernails *smell of coffee *memory of being loved *sound of coffeepot *looking forward to class

*community *having nowhere I have to go *kids exploring…more *long list of yet un-visited places *feeling free from pressure *sitting around a fire *convicting songs on radio *muffins in the oven *dancing preschooler *new mulch in flowerbeds *car accident damaging doors, not people

*secrets exposed–relief from hiding *crabapple, ugly name but such sweet beauty!

How’s your list coming? What gifts do you see in your life today?

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4 Responses to The List that Keeps Growing . . . He (Still!) Loves Me

  1. “Naked baby booty” cracked me up! I loooove those too. Is it weird to kiss them? 😉

    I was just explaining today to my girls about crabapples. Like you, I think it’s an odd name for a lovely flower … and my grandma made the best jam from the fruit that fell on our lawn!

    • admin says:

      Hannah . . . I sure hope it isn’t! 😉 My grandma had crabapples, too! It’s my favorite tree right now. So pretty!

  2. Craig says:

    I’m here from Ann’s – just took a while to get here :)

    And because nothing gets me like a good heartfelt deep Christian song my favorite from your list this week is: *convicting songs on radio

    Thank you for this, and God Bless and Keep you and all of yours.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Craig. I love music, too. Sometimes pushing “play” is an act of warfare, I think! Have a wonderful week.

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