Encouragement for Moms

My dear friend sent me a note yesterday . . . “You haven’t blogged in two weeks–what gives?”

I’m so glad someone noticed, haha!  It’s just been a couple weeks of extreme busy-ness.  That happens, you know?  And this is what happens if I turn away for only a moment . . .

Thought I’d take a moment and share a wonderful quote from a study by Nancy Campbell which another sweet friend graciously passed along to me.  This is another “paint it on the wall, quick!” quote . . .

Dear Mother, God is your employer.  It is God who has ordained you to mother the children that He has graciously given you.  When you feel frustrated and no one appreciates your daily service in the home, remember that you are working for the Lord!  You are training your children for God and for the purposes that He has planned for them.  Be encouraged.  You are in the service of the King.  Sometimes you can feel as though it is a thankless task, but God is watching.  Do not fail Him!

   Powerful words, aren’t they?  This is a wonderful study entitled The Power of Motherhood.  You can purchase it here!

   Praying you have a wonderfully blessed day!

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