A Princess Book Giveaway!

Every year when I attend Sally Clarkson’s MomHeart Conference, my children’s favorite time is when I come home. Not just because they will have real food the next day for breakfast, but because my suitcase is always loaded down with one special gift for each of them: a book! Over the years I’ve found wonderful books for my children at the book table, and this year was no exception. I met Jeanna last August at the MomHeart Intensive held at Sally’s home. She’d just written two sweet books for girls and had a wonderful story to tell about how God had given her the idea–when she’d never before even thought of writing a book! (How unfair is that, by the way? But I digress . . . :-) ) So when I got to North Carolina, the first thing I told Jeanna was that I needed those books right away. And what a sweet treasure they are! Every little girl wants to be a Princess, right? And so Jeanna has written stories using the Parables of Jesus that feature character qualities your little girl can emulate.

I believe the princesses in your home might enjoy them as much as mine do!

After 20 years as a corporate event planner, Jeanna Young was called by God to develop the Princess Parable series. She never dreamed she would be a children’s author and she questioned God’s choice in her – for this huge task. God has used her gifts and talents developed over the years to author these books with her mentor, Jacqueline Johnson. God showed her the need for princess role models with character and depth while reading to her own princesses. Living so close to Disneyland, she desired a Disney-style Christian princess role model for her girls.

Jeanna has graciously offered to send one of these gems to an especially-blessed comment-er, so if you’d like to receive one of these precious books, please send me a note about your princesses in the “Leave a Comment” section below. If you blog about this giveaway, add another comment, and if you share this page on facebook, add one more! My oldest princess, Victoria, will draw one winning name from a very technologically-advanced pile of written names next Friday, April 8th!

Hope you have a wonderful, regal day!

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22 Responses to A Princess Book Giveaway!

  1. Andi Roberts says:

    This is so great!!! I have two little princesses at home that would really enjoy this book. I’m always looking for great faith based children’s books to buy for them.

  2. Gan says:

    Wow! I just watched the video with my youngest. She said, “Hey, I’m Princess ‘Hadassah’ Joy!”

  3. Lea says:

    I love these sweet books, so pure and encouraging to little girls. My Audrie, age 6, really enjoyes Princess Hope! I am so thankful for these books!

  4. maureen says:

    I have three little girls that would be perfect for this. They are my nieces (as I am unable to have children). This book would be perfect for my parents to read to the three of them (they are all under the age of 7).

  5. Heather says:

    My three little girls would love these! We use the analogy of princess a lot in our home in teaching our little girls. I recently purchased Sarah Clarkson’s “Read for the Heart” and am greatly anticipating Sally’s “The Mission of Motherhood”. I didn’t notice any link in your post: are these books sold anywhere?

  6. I am a grandma of 11 princesses, 6 of them 10 and under. I would love to have one of these precious books to read to them when they come to grandmas house. I absolutely adore reading quality books with a Christian message, and I am blessed to have these little princesses that are excellant listeners. Bless this ministry and praise God for inspiring the story for these books!

  7. Diana says:

    This is a lovely book that I’d love to bless my friend’s daughters with. They are definitely little princesses! Thank you so much for the chance!

  8. Valerie says:

    I bought one of these for my niece at Sally’s conference in March. Just gave it to her today! Very sweet book.

  9. Valerie says:

    Posted on facebook also! Thanks!

  10. Amy says:

    Two little princesses, ages 2 and 9, both beautiful and precious and in constant need of that confirmation from the right source!

  11. Samantha says:

    My princess is almost 9 mo old and she really has just brought so much light into our lives. After having three sons I truly was content and thought that I would never have a daughter but with our fourth pregnancy came one of the most wonderful gifts God has seen fit to give our family. She is a sweet, contented, happy little girly who adores her brothers as much as they adore her. I had no idea what I was missing until she was born. We love to read around here and I know a book about a princess would be loved not just by my baby girl but also by her brothers. What a great giveaway!

  12. Samantha says:

    I posted about this give away on FB.

  13. Trying to win a book… hehehe

    Nirvana “Harley”

  14. Lisa says:

    My princess would love this book:-)

    • admin says:

      Lisa, you win!!!

      If you’ll click on “email me” on the right, and send me your Princess’s name, I’ll ask Jeanna to sign the book and send it right out. Thank you so much and I hope you love it! :-)

  15. Lisa says:

    I shared on facebook too!

    • admin says:

      Hi, Lisa! Still waiting for your address; I’m concerned I missed it in my email. Would you send it again?? Thanks! Can’t wait for you to see the book! 😉

  16. Charlotte says:

    Wow! Loads of comments! I don’t have princesses at home, but I do have the books! J loves them! So sweet! (Don’t draw my name, btw)

    Do we know if there will ever be any “prince” books? 😉

  17. Shawne says:

    These look sooo sweet. Definitely going on my FPEA wish list.

  18. Jennifer Ott says:

    My little girls would love these: it’s so hard to find wholesome “Princess” things these days! My older girl (5) is going through some health challenges, and we don’t know what lies ahead other than lots of days spent in the hospital, so I might just have to get us some new reading material! Thank you for letting us know about these!

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