1,000 Gifts . . . Getting There!

I found it! I found it! My sweet little gifts notebook has finally been found. Yippee!

So . . . picking up where we left off . . .

*sunrise framed just for me *flock of birds in flight *familiar sounds *my own bed (again) *direction from God *Micah’s funny questions *time with just one *pool

*clean towels piled high *Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom

*earthworm–exciting gift to four year old * begonia with tissue paper hues of orange *pink hydrangeas *family work day *time with a friend *burdens shared, divided! * baby babbling *pink with lace and bows *Book club! * learning communion is giving thanks *baby loving on his dada *sunburn in March

*smell of cedar mulch *new garden areas *programmable coffee maker *lone gardenia fragrancing whole room *newly mulched trees *potato plants growing crazy *longing . . . *C.S. Lewis *knowing God listens *summer on its way *flowing ivy *birds singing *quiet roads *coming outside in my jammies *rainy days *mint chip ice cream *friend to be honest with *memories *end of the school year–plans for the next

*anticipation–I love to plan! *new Sonlight catalog *Starbucks run *Earl Gray tea *vacation planning * God’s access to my children’s hearts *cuddling baby under fuzzy blankies *familiarity *hotels *blaring worship music *urgent care cross the street *baby munching chips *Natalie *Evan *friend encouraging me to write *horse magazines *Easter on its way *April! *first blush of peaches on trees

*reservations *planning *God’s Word *cloudy morning sky *baby babbles *friends calling for advice *Your Name *being adopted by God–amazing! *sunbeams, light on specks of dust *light through front door window *texting with far-flung friends *my eyes, more exact than the camera *last-minute deadlines *anticipation *encouraging husband

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One Response to 1,000 Gifts . . . Getting There!

  1. So thankful you found it…that’s like losing a piece of your heart…a record of thanksgiving…
    The tree is amazing.

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