31 Days to (Spring)Clean!

Well, it’s here . . . the May 31 Days to Clean Homemaker’s Challenge.  You can click on the cute button on the right for more information!  While the group at Joyful Mothering is going through this little e-book on weekdays only, that will make it take about six weeks, and since I was set for it being May 1-31st, I can’t quite stand that!  So I began yesterday and today is day two for me.  We’ll be away part of next week, so I’m going to double up a bit to stay on schedule for the most part.

Now, if you’ve looked the book over, you will note that SarahMae has you doing different parts of your house each day.  Such a wonderful idea.  But of course, I certainly can’t wash down my countertops on Thursday and not look at them again until next month!  So I’ll be keeping up with my usual cleaning schedule (find Large Family Logistics here!) and using this book as my Spring Cleaning directive.  Each area she “challenges” us in will be my spring clean focus of the day, in other words.  Looks like my kitchen is up first . . . so excited to jump in and get started!  I’ve got some cabinets to empty, and walls to re-paint . . . I LOVE getting things organized in the summer!  We’re doing our last six days of school before our first summer break, so this week I’m kindof doubling up.  Thank goodness I’m the Household Manager around here and can do what I want.  😉

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