Practicing Gratefulness … 1,000 Gifts


2nd son graduating* great friends here to celebrate * big kids cheering on little ones * Disney decorations * Mickey ears on graduation cap

* catering at least part of dinner * old pictures, and the graduation shrine, LOL

* tears with someone who remembers * Word from the Lord coming from unexpected places * coming around full circle yet again * Pirates of the Caribbean 4! * laughing with new friends * witty lines delivered by a master actor * epic music * wonderful church service * mown lawn * exploding plumbago bushes * letting go of the old–more room for what’s new * “peanuh budda”

* seeing that pain has led to freedom * finally–Beautiful rose on shorn climber! * overflowing flowers everywhere

 * potatoes, fresh-dug from garden * kids playing with tumbling kittens

* pool open! * friends over for tea * prayers of friends, palpable * kids seeing our decisions as wise (amazing) * God’s sovereignty, a great comfort * trees leafing out full, shading play areas * trusting my children * trusting God with my children * knowing that my children’s choices are not my direct responsibility * trusting God to work in my children’s hearts where I can’t reach * my amazing, awesome, fabulous, wonderful church *

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One Response to Practicing Gratefulness … 1,000 Gifts

  1. That pb photo…is awesome :)
    I’m smiling HUGE.
    And glad that’s at your house this morning…
    On the otherhand…I’m dealing with a potty-trainer who keeps helpfully emptying out her own chair.
    Maybe I would trade for the pb :)

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