Thankfulness …

It’s been an interesting summer so far.

A week in Orlando with my family and some dear friends, spending time at Disney and talking about classical Christian education with other Classical Conversations parents was a wonderful beginning. Being “out” of school while the rest of the world is “in” was as fun as it always is, and we’ve enjoyed having parks and roads somewhat to ourselves these past few weeks. The baby’s homegoing was of course a big event that changed so many things about this summer, fall and winter; funny how such a tiny person makes such a big impact. One last Disney fling to wrap things up before our passes expired was definitely appreciated. And we continue to rejoice in our own “home-going” to Southpoint Community Church, which we’ve missed terribly the past few years. Our eldest has gotten settled into his own place for the first time (if you don’t count the dorm room … which we don’t!) And the next in line is dutifully filling out applications for Youth With A Mission’s program in Denver.

We enjoyed about five weeks of early summer, and now that the public schools are out we’ve pulled our math and grammar books back out of cabinets so we can wrap up what we didn’t finish before the beginning of May. I knew it was time to take a break from “summer” when I noticed everyone getting cranky at one another and just a bit stir-crazy about the middle of last week. Surprisingly, we all seem to do better with at least a bit of structure to our days. Feeling a little more accomplished and a lot more disciplined won’t be a bad way to end this week.

I don’t know about you, but when things are busy or my routine changes I have a tendency to lose track of some important things. My book of thanks had gone missing and then been found, and now I’ve got it in a place of prominence on my desk once again … so I don’t forget the key to life … Eucharisteo.


kids’ naughtiness; opportunity to teach * being misunderstood, betrayed, rejected; reminder only Jesus knows my heart * piles of books to be sorted–and read! * birds chattering in the trees * little boys exploring * newly naked teeth!

* Disney with my kiddos … again and again and again 

* Main Street USA

 * stained glass

* reminder of God’s special love for me everywhere I look

* bunny hiding in the bushes at Epcot * playing in an overgrown garden

grown people dancing down the streets after a Disney parade (and joining in, of course)

* heart I love, being honest with mine * confusion; need to talk more w/the Father * new students for my CC class * quiet campus, pretty place to walk * siblings creating birthday surprises * fallen leaves, even in May * favor for my sweet Princess, a table at the castle for her birthday date with daddy!

* Global Day of Prayer with my eldest sons; just like 15 years ago (though that was the Nat’l Day of Prayer)

* prayer words in Afrikaans going through me like a sword * worship to lift the roof * late night movies after VBS with this crazy woman, who makes serving God more fun for kids than anyone I know

*my littlest girl worshiping

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