Looking Forward to the New School Year!


Cades Cove, Tennessee

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” Lucy Maud Montgomery

Isn’t it, though?

We’re wrapping up our last “lazy days of summer” around here. Not quite sure what happened to the lazy part, but there sure has been a lot of summer happening since May 1st! There’s just something about the whole *idea* of fresh, white paper, newly sharpened pencils, and unopened boxes of markers that makes me giddy. Even before I sniff them.

We’ll be starting on Monday here, bright and early. Tuesday will be our first day of Challenge A and B, so that’s exciting. I’m trying to squeeze in all the laundry and throw away clutter from bedrooms while the kids aren’t looking–it’s so much easier to start with a clean slate in my house, too! I’m looking at my planner thinking … “Okay, I’ve got 5 days ’til school starts … if I squeeze in 4.6 days of it every day, I can get through it just in time!” Hahaha! If you’re in planning mode, too, please click the link in the title bar above titled “The 23DayBackto(HOME)SchoolPlanner”  and join me as I try to bring some order and prayer to the upcoming homeschool year!

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One Response to Looking Forward to the New School Year!

  1. After yesterday….I actually was thinking this quote this morning…always makes me smile.
    So much hope.
    Grace found in a new morning, fresh with no mistakes yet in it :)
    Thank you Father…for forgiveness and fresh beginnings…

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