Being a Homeschool Mom=My Life is Not My Own

The following is an excerpt from my newest article, up today at Heart of the Matter Online. You can read the rest if you click on the link at the bottom of this page!

“Today I was surprised to find in my email, a request from an editor of our local paper. Citing a current argument about busing for magnet school students, he asked if I cared to send him my thoughts regarding busing, magnet schools, or what sacrifices I’d made to educate my children. I thought I’d pass along what I sent back to him. (He might have been sorry he asked—I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect such a tome!)

Dear Mike,

Hello! I would love to share my thoughts.

I was a public school student who really enjoyed school as a child. When my oldest child became of school age, however, I realized that sending him away from our home for seven hours a day just didn’t “feel” right to me. Surely I could teach him to read, write and do math myself, and it certainly wouldn’t take me that long to do it! So I started researching homeschooling. There were several families in our church who did it, and their children were well-spoken, intelligent, and doing just fine. We began homeschooling in 1997 and have never looked back.

That means I’m now beginning my fifteenth year as a home educator. Amazingly to us, we’ve graduated two of our children, both of whom met Bright Futures Scholarship requirements. Six more follow behind them, with four being part of a local umbrella school which oversees homeschoolers this year, and two doing preschool at home and you can check them out on this site We take part in a local Classical Conversations group, where young children practice memory work in history, math, science, geography, Latin, and English as well as do science experiments and learn about the fine arts together, while older ones spend one day a week meeting together with a trained tutor to study research, logic, apologetics, grammar, debate, geography, and all the other credit-worthy subjects which they’ll then work on at home…”

You can read the rest here!

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2 Responses to Being a Homeschool Mom=My Life is Not My Own

  1. Heather Ashe says:

    Thanks, Misty.  I really appreciate this article.  Thinking of and praying for your husband and family tonight.  Hugs!

  2. Thank you Misty…heading over to read the rest…

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