Haven’t Started School Yet? Need a Plan?

There’s still time!

The first day of school is an exciting event, and one anticipated by moms everywhere. Even though my children won’t actually be *going* anywhere different, a return to school-ish schedule at home still takes some planning. That’s what my 23 Day Back To Homeschool Planner is all about!

Full of things to consider as you plan out our own upcoming school year, this e-book is designed to get the wheels turning and help you make sure you’re keeping first things first. While it was designed to be done in the 23 days leading up to your own first day of school, I’m hearing from several moms who are using it high-speed, doubling or even tripling (and one sweet mom sped through in 2 days, haha!)  if they’ve waited ’til the last minute like I did this year! If you want to make sure you’ve hit all the bases, you might want to take a look.

 You can read more at this link!


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